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tall lily have large white trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in the spring

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However, the Easter Lily symbol is not allowed to be sold and staff wearing one could face disciplinary measures.
She seems in good form and so does Easter Lily, who will probably be ridden more patiently than last time.
More than 75 percent of all commercial Easter lily bulbs are produced on the coastal lowland between the Chetco River and California's nearby Smith River.
Actually, the Easter lily, Lilium longiflorum, which we associate with Easter, does not grow in the Middle East but is native to islands off the coast of Japan.
The 2014 Easter lily contribution total is expected to be triple that amount.
Tenders are invited for this project will provide a series of educational and informative workshops based on the theme of emblems, particularly focusing on the poppy and the easter lily.
Tomorrow David will unveil his limestone carving of an Easter lily in bud at Meldon Park near Morpeth, which has been home to the Cookson family for seven generations.
For a waterside edge the magnificent arum lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica), known also as the Easter Lily, is now out and proud.
They include: the Easter Lily (Lilium Longiflorum), the Tiger Lily (Lilium Tigrinum), the Rubrum Lily (Lilium Speciosum), the Stargazer Lily (Lilium Orientalis), the Japanese Show Lily (Lilium Lancifolium), Asiatic Lilies and Species of the Day Lily (Hemerocalis).
For instance, the waxy tone of white provided by the blooms of Stephanotis and the Easter lily to the infinite array of creams to diaphanous to greys, silvers, pewter and all the luxuriant tones of green - from lime green to the richest, darkest of greens.
The Easter Lily": The Easter Lily, shown in white perfection.
Lilium longiflorum, the White Trumpet or Easter lily, traditionally occupies central stage at Easter.
Paul Downs places an Easter lily into Marge Landy's cart at Vons in Granada Hills.
AN EASTER lily can pose a deadly threat to your cat, warns pet healthcare insurance Pet Protect.