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tall lily have large white trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in the spring

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EXPERT TIP: A florist's favourite, Easter lilies can be grown from bulbs planted in autumn, or raised from seed.
At Chase Flowers & Gifts, owner Cele Hennigan says the cost of Easter lilies has climbed about 10 percent this year - in part because of the extra efforts required to make sure they are in fact ready to bloom by Easter.
Cardinal Roger Mahony, joined by three co-celebrants and dozens of lay assistants, celebrated the Masses on the open altar, decked with hundreds of Easter lilies left from services last Sunday.
At Michael Schiavo's home in Clearwater, about three dozen protesters dropped roses and Easter lilies on his lawn in a peaceful demonstration.
After Easter lilies (Lilium longiflorum) finish blooming indoors, they can be planted in the garden where they will often come back for several years, blooming in late summer.
UNIONIST councillors in Omagh gave the thumbs up this week - and agreed to have Easter Lilies placed in the council foyer.
It was about folk who, despite the Resurrection proclamations and Easter lilies, feel as if they are living in hell.
Peter's in Quamichan, where Easter lilies grow wild on the grounds.
The remainder comes from seasonal sales of poinsettias, chrysanthemums and Easter lilies, along with gardening supplies such as sprinklers and window boxes.
Florist-grade 6-inch potted Easter lilies with five or more blooms for $6.
With Easter just around the corner many individuals will be purchasing Easter Lilies for themselves or as a gift.
Rozanski added one more caution, as winter will eventually turn to spring: Easter lilies (and other true lilies) are extremely toxic to cats.
A republican called off a hunger strike earlier this week and inmates barricaded themselves into a dining room last month over lock-downs, use of sniffer dogs prisoners and a ban on Easter lilies.
VENTURA - Tens of thousands of Easter lilies, many of them nurtured by Ventura County growers, will be crowding florists' shelves and church altars this weekend in an annual explosion of spring.
Cowan earned a bachelor's degree at Willamette University in Salem, then settled in the Brookings area, where he raised Easter lilies for many years.