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an egg-shaped candy used to celebrate Easter

a colored hard-boiled egg used to celebrate Easter

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The Easter Eggs jobs recruitment drive comes just four months after Unite union revealed that over 200 workers at Bournville were taking voluntary redundancy as part of an agreement to secure a PS75 million programme of investment with new production lines at the Birmingham factory.
The modern chocolate Easter egg came about after Cadbury developed a pure cocoa butter that could be easily moulded into smooth shapes.
Tracey Porritt, from Sowing Seeds Ministries, said: "We are extremely thankful to have been chosen by Virgin Money Giving in Stockton to receive half of the Easter eggs they have had donated during their special Easter campaign.
Mike Furze, Kier region al Mike Furze, Kier region director, added: "Kier North Tyneside employees have done exceptionally well donating this many Easter eggs.
Steve Warner, PureGym Manager, said: " is is the third year we have decided to organise an Easter egg donation here at the gym and we really hope the local people get behind this great initiative again".
Shops from Sidon to Jezzine to Zahrani are adorned with artistically decorated chocolate Easter eggs.
With this method, children use roots, leaves and blossoms to decorate their Easter eggs," explained Gemperle Farms President, Steve Gemperle.
At St Fagans Museum, Easter egg trails were held over the weekend with prizes up for grabs too.
They raised funds in their congregation to buy the Easter eggs which were received with thanks by staff nurses Cath Kiraine and Steve Shaw at Ward 18.
The 2014 Easter Egg Roll, which takes place on the South Lawn of the White House, is focused on promoting health and wellness with the theme, “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape.
For many kids, it's common to have up to eight Easter eggs, which are often well in excess of 1000 calories each.
The most common tradition enjoyed by most Christians is decorating Easter eggs.
Easter eggs for 2013 went on sale in some big supermarkets last Christmas Eve.
Summary: The White House has released a video of the First Dog Bo going in search of Easter eggs
Tom Rennolds tweeted: "I've just seen Easter eggs in M&S?