Easter egg

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an egg-shaped candy used to celebrate Easter

a colored hard-boiled egg used to celebrate Easter

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But although the big four have been aggressively promoting Easter eggs this year, decreased stock has led to an increase in prices.
Prize also includes admission to local Cadbury and National Trust Easter Egg Trail, redeemable April 1-4.
All remaining Easter egg packaging is now 100 per cent recycled cardboard.
A church-based homosexual rights group is planning to crash [the White House's annual easter egg hunt] with a family visibility action to spotlight their nontraditional families," huffed Mark Tooley for the antigay Weekly Standard on January 17.
In addition to three separate Easter egg hunts for children of different ages, the park offered tours of the site - which specializes in early California history - and historical re-enactments led by costumed volunteers.
With Easter weekend falling towards the end of April, gum and jelly manufacturers Haribo Dunhills (Pontefract), tel:0197 760 0266, are predicting the extended 'selling window' this year will bring a sales bonanza for Easter Eggs.
At last year's Easter egg hunt at a church in Daytona Beach, Florida, several children were injured as they approached a huge pile of plastic eggs containing candy and Bible verses.
MIAMI -- Miami Seaquarium will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt Celebration this Easter Weekend, Friday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 4th, 2010.
Tina White, head of commercial at eResponse Recruitment, said: "We don't want children in care to go without the simple treat of an Easter egg.
You don't have to be a Virgin Money customer to donate so please feel free to pop in to the Middlesbrough Store with your Easter Egg and you can really help to make a difference.
Tina White, head of commercial at eResponse, said: "We don't want children in care to go without the simple treat of an Easter egg.
During story time, there were wide eyes at the tall tales of Easter egg scrambles and bunny adventures.
The Easter celebration marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ by participating in parades, feasts and Easter egg hunt.
Starting at noon yesterday and today, children were meeting the Easter Bunny and taking part in the Easter egg hunt with a lucky dip prize.
com)-- Domino The Great will be participating in the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll.