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Synonyms for Ireland

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As well, Johnson differentiates between monuments to the Easter Rebellion, which she interprets as connected more closely with national identity than personal bereavement, and war monuments constructed by other countries, allegedly with the sole purpose of remembering the dead (page 160).
Martin wrote an article surveying the historiography of the rising in which he described Caulfield's The Easter Rebellion in these terms:
The second is a narrative of the Easter Rebellion, during which, at the age of fourteen, he is among the rebels occupying Dublin's General Post Office.
Kevin O'Higgins had been a Republican at the time of the Easter Rebellion but he assented to the Articles of Agreement in 1922 and became a sort of dual monarchist.
1916: The Easter Rebellion, also known as the Easter Rising, began in Dublin against British rule in Ireland (ended on April 29).
The Land Leagues of Ireland and America, as well as their sister Ladies' Land Leagues, mobilized Irish and Irish-American men and women in the cause of Irish nationalism on a scale that was unmatched until the period after the Easter Rebellion of 1916.
The Millennium Spike will stand on the spot of the pillar directly outside the GPO which was opened in 1818 and became the headquarters of the Easter Rebellion, was opened in 1818.
The Scot said: "I started reading history many, many years ago and the topics I took up from Irish history is the Easter Rebellion through to the Civil War.
1916 - The Easter rebellion began in Dublin against British rule in Ireland.
Even if Irish nationalism of the sort that produced the Easter Rebellion of 1916 was out of step with Irish public opinion in its own time, independence, he insists, produced useful consequences.
Kevin knew his great grandfather had taken part in the Easter rebellion but had no idea he had been at Frongoch.
Later in the day, a small crowd gathered at Creggan Cemetery in Londonderry as dissidents marked the Easter rebellion.
Tomorrow 1916 The Easter rebellion began in Dublin against British rule in Ireland (ended on April 29).
She gives a stirring version of the evergreen She Moved Through The Fair, as well as two other pieces called Easter Rebellion and Civil War.