Easter Day

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the day (in March or April) on which the festival of Easter is celebrated

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A WOMAN sounding 'very upset' has tried to contact nurses caring for the week-old baby found abandoned on Easter Day.
I was invited to share "seder" (the ritual for the first night of Passover during which the exodus from Egypt is retold), while on Easter Day I went to Mass.
Easter Day is the first Sunday after the full moon which happens on, or next after, the 21st day of March; if the full moon happens on a Sunday, Easter Day is the Sunday after.
More than 1,000 cars a day visited the attraction during the week before and after Easter Day,including 3,000 on Easter Monday.
Viewers will see the Gangs Of New York star join Doyle on a canoe trip through the Central American jungle in the programme, to be broadcast on Easter Day.
National figures showed the number of people going to communion on Easter Day rose from 26,640 to 28,280, with Christmas Day communicants going up from 32,590 to 36,450 in the same period.
HOLIDAYMAKERS planning an Easter day out were told to wrap up and take an umbrella last night.
If the full moon falls on a Sunday, Easter Day is the Sunday after".
Further the Churches wanted Easter Day on a Sunday and it had to be in the week of the Jewish Passover to fit with the Bible's accounts.
The second running of the North Tyneside 10km Road Race takes place on Easter Day, April 16, with a 10am start.
WORSHIPPERS on their way to the traditional Easter Day dawn service on the hillside above Prestatyn yesterday were forced to make a detour because of an overturned car blocking their route.
Strict rules prevent shops over 2,800 sq ft opening on Easter Day.
On Good Friday, a short act of worship was held at noon, conducted by the Rev Keith Griffin who also conducted the Easter Day parish Eucharist on Sunday.
TheAngel on Easter Day brought the good news ``He is risen'', and was the mighty Conqueror of sin, death,hell and the grave.
Easter Day is the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon - that is the first full moon after the vernal equinox (March 21).