Easter Day

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the day (in March or April) on which the festival of Easter is celebrated

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He said: "The greatest irony for me in these two fixtures is the fact that without the very first Easter Day, the teams involved in today's matches would not exist at all.
But the greatest irony for me is the fact without the very first Easter Day, the teams would not exist at all.
All most all the churches in Kerala conduct midnight masses on Easter Day.
The promise of the First Reading for Easter Day, Isa 65:17-25, has now come to full flower: Endzeit has recapitulated and exceeded Urzeit, as God has created "a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea [i.
Ambrose died on April 4, 397, Good Friday, aged around 57, and was buried on Easter Day.
The story of Easter doesn't end on Easter day any more than it ended when Jesus rose from the dead.
On Easter Day, Russian TV catches one of the cosmonauts dyeing eggs with his grandchildren.
So there I was on Easter Day, dying to get torn in to my collection of chocolate eggs.
With the recipes here (the tortellini has not been included), most of the work can be done in advance, so you don't go crazy Easter day.
Easter Day is a family feast in Maltese homes; a time to visit relatives and friends, exchange gifts or make the most of the spring sunshine and take a picnic to the countryside.
At the very end of the program, just before the Ite missa est, the album's title work is inserted, a brief composition written for them by Ivan Moody; the text of Words of the Angel is taken from the Orthodox liturgy for Easter day, and the music is predictably (but no less beautifully) stark and eerily lovely.
The day after the pope's Easter Day message, the Vatican agreed to cut its 1530 kHz band transmissions from 14 hours to seven hours a day.
WHAT: Photo opps with the Easter Bunny at The Grove's "Bunny Bungalow" (perfect opportunity for live stand-up shots and/or b-roll for spring and Easter stories) WHEN: Saturday, March 25 - Easter Day, April 16, 2006 11:00 a.
HANDICAP SNIPS THERE can be few better-handicapped horses in Manor Farm Stables than Easter Day, who starts the season rated 7lb lower than when a novice, writes Ben Newton.