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Melly and the Bilby (2006) Susan-Zela Bisset and Stephen Hagan, Ngalga Warralu Publishing, ISBN 101 921212 06 3 (part of the Save the Bilby Fund Easter Bilby Action Pack)
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Kaye Kessing, Anti-rabbit Research Foundation of Australia, available from the Save the Bilby Fund Includes the following titles: Easter Bilby, Easter Bilby's Secret, Bilby Moon and Melly and the Bilby.
Foundation for RFA (Rabbit Free Australia) in association with Haigh's Chocolates--publishers of Easter Bilby, Easter Bilby's Secret.
Topics included teacher perspectives on the children's learning and how they integrated the Bunyaville Easter Bilby Adventure into classroom curricula.
The Impact of Participation in the Bunyaville Easter Bilby Adventure
Following participation in the Easter Bilby program, all children were aware of bilbies and the threats to them.
The foundation published in 1994 a children's book about how the sweet Easter Bilby beat out greedy bunnies to replace the retiring Easter Bunny.