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a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ

a wind from the east

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The Easter exodus has done me even better than I dared to hope.
On either Easter Day or Bank Holiday, had I failed him, it had been his intention to make the best escape he could.
As for his gleanings from such jewel-cases as were spending the Easter recess in the strong-room of my bank, without going into rhapsodies or even particulars on the point,) I may mention that they realized enough for me to join Raffles on his deferred holiday in Scotland, besides enabling him to play more regularly for Middlesex in the ensuing summer than had been the case for several seasons.
Little by little, probably, as time passed, this Easter scene was further enlarged, in part by additions from the closing incidents of the Savior's life.
Why, the Easter speeches were put off till midsummer," said Tom, "and the sixth had the gymnastic poles put up here.
Down Easters and Johnny Cakes can follow if they please.
Ormesby Hall, Ladgate Lane, Ormesby, near Middlesbrough, TS3 0SR April 6-9, Easter Egg-static 1.
AH of Benton said: "An Easter bonnet represents the tail-end of a tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter, in harmony with the renewal of the year and the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption.
Summary: The hunt is on for the best Easter brunch and all roads lead to Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates.
KIDS and Easter eggs go together like fish and chips, but it needn't just be a calorific treat: why not seek out an Easter egg hunt to keep them active.
An introductory comment is in order, as the Easter feast continues for a "week of weeks.
When hundreds of people take their first steps in the ``Walk With Me'' fundraiser for the Easter Seals this Sunday, a Canoga Park man will be leading them in his wheelchair.
On the Second Sunday of Easter of the Jubilee Year 2000, at the Mass for the canonization of St.
On the eve of this "Easter Sunday," at the Easter Vigil, we cooperate with God in a most holy work: giving birth, as spouse of Christ and Mother Church, to new life by celebrating Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist with those whom God has chosen.
Massive stone statues of humanlike figures on Easter Island in the South Pacific stand mute sentry over the remains of a now-defunct society thought by many researchers to have originated as early as A.