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the side that is on the east

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The new east-side park on Avenue S at 37th Street East will be called Palmdale Oasis Park and its Western mining-town theme water park will be called Dry Town.
color) Construction continues Thursday on the east-side park at Avenue S and 37th Street East, to be called Palmdale Oasis Park.
It's within the General Plan, and it seems to be what the majority of east-side residents want,'' Mayor Frank Roberts said.
2 -- color) A crane hoists a section of the old sign in the east-side shopping complex.
However, MTA officials deny Graw's claim that he was fired for reporting fraud or standing up against Drew on the east-side contract.
In the meantime, the federal government has signed full-funding agreements for the east-side and the Mid-City subways, which proponents argue are worth hundreds of millions of dollars - even if they mean hundreds of millions of dollars in local match money.
After seven years of waiting, east-side Palmdale residents finally will have firefighters closer by.
In addition to the mayor's pronouncement, if the MTA goes forward with either the east-side line or the Pasadena line it is unlikely significant money will be freed up for the Valley or other communities for years to come.
On Friday, the Federal Transportation Administration froze MTA funding and new contracts for its east-side subway extension and indirectly froze federal construction money for the North Hollywood subway project.
The Federal Transit Administration action is a direct hit on the planned east-side extension, which a Superior Court judge Wednesday ordered rebid because the process was tainted by improper influence.
The MTA board decided Thursday to appeal a judge's ruling forcing it to reopen the bidding process on a controversial east-side subway construction project, said its attorney, Thomas Malcolm.
Esteban Torres, D-Pico Rivera, last week slyly ensured his favorite subway project, the east-side extension of the Red Line, will get built by earmarking $24 million of the MTA's rail funding to begin construction on the project next year.
East-side property owners will get a chance tonight to ask questions about a mail-in election for new landscape maintenance districts - the first election in the Antelope Valley prompted by Proposition 218.
It began last month when three east-side members of Congress forced the MTA board to add a $44 million east-side subway project to its ISTEA wish list, a move some critics said further bloated the list and made its passage even less likely.
The MTA board put funding for the San Fernando Valley rail line in jeopardy Wednesday when it voted to appease East Los Angeles congressional members who insisted on support for funding an east-side rail extension.