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the angular distance between a point on any meridian and the prime meridian at Greenwich

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In view of India s efforts, international bodies (International Chamber of Shipping and others) have now agreed to push back the HRA from 78 degrees East longitude to the 65 degrees East longitude.
After the pact goes into effect, only 900 Chinese fishing vessels per year will be permitted to fish in Japan's exclusive economic zone, which runs east from 127 degrees 30 minutes east longitude in the East China Sea.
According to the current datum, the point is at 139 degrees, 44 minutes and 40 seconds of east longitude and about 35 degrees, 39 minutes and 17 seconds of north latitude.
The ship encountered frozen waters at 62 degrees south latitude and 39 degrees east longitude, about 2,000 km east of the southern tip of the South American continent.
and was located at 5 degrees 43 minutes south latitude and 150 degrees 97 minutes east longitude at a depth of 140 kilometers, the PNG Geophysical Observatory said.
By one early reckoning, the VEGA 1 lander touched down at 7|10 north latitude by 177|42 east longitude, while VEGA 2 went to 7|01 south by 179|00 east, about 1,650 km away, placing both craft several hundred kilometers west of an elevated region known as Atla.
Turksat 4B will be used for Turksat AS's new broadband connectivity service in the Ka band, as well as fixed communication services via the Ku and C bands at 50 degrees east longitude.
9 degrees east longitude, the epicenter was 11 kilometers underground, Xinhua reported.
The Yamal 401 communications satellite would be offering services to users in Russia and CIS countries at an orbital location of 90 degrees East longitude.
72 degrees east longitude, with a depth of 29 kilometers.
5Hz per second on Saturday at around 25 degrees South latitude and 101 degrees East longitude, according to the Associated Press news agency.
4 degrees east longitude, with a depth of approximately 10 kilometers, in the area bordering the counties of Shangri-La and Deqen of Yunnan Province and Derong County of Sichuan Province.
Japan and China will allow fishing vessels from both countries to operate in a zone above 30 degrees 40 minutes north latitude and between 127 degrees 30 minutes east longitude and 124 degrees 45 minutes east longitude in the East China Sea.
They decided to set the fishing zone around the islets in a sea area 35 nautical miles from the shores of both countries, with a demarcation line at 135 degrees 30 minutes of east longitude on the east side of the islets.
under which APT will locate its Apstar-1 satellite at the Kingdom of Tonga's orbital location filed at 138 degrees East longitude.
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