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a former Portuguese colony that was annexed by Indonesia in 1976

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There are approximately 20 000 East Timorese living in Australia, of which 9320 were born in East Timor.
He thanked the East Timorese, including his competitors, for the peaceful voting process, which takes place from 7 a.
Up to 200,000 East Timorese died, many from starvation, sickness, and disease, as well as from the fighting.
The average East Timorese lives on less than $1 a day.
In recognition of the fact that 95% of East Timorese are Catholics, the eight-hour-long independence celebrations began with a huge Mass attended by over 150,000 people.
Ward, Carlton and Lowe emphasised the importance of ensuring that the East Timorese leaders were fully advised before they entered any agreement, even a provisional one, and that they were aware of their right to an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
Later in my stay I heard more rumors of kids riding planks of wood down the street, and finally I heard that an Au stralian aid worker there had left a real skateboard (and unfortunately a razor scooter too--too bad East Timorese don't have health insurance) and kids were riding it
Of the total amount, $5,386,000 will be provided to the Indonesian government for three of its projects dealing with issues surrounding East Timorese refugees in West Timor, which belongs to Indonesia.
We would like to listen to the East Timorese people's voices to know their desires,'' he added.
Meanwhile, up to 100,000 East Timorese refugees continue to languish in militia-controlled refugee camps in West Timor.
The Dubliner, launched into the spotlight during his 10-year campaign on behalf of the embattled East Timorese, is to live for good in the Far East country.
calling on the Indonesian government to let more than 100,000 East Timorese return home.
After a referendum in August 1999 in which over 70% of east Timorese voted for an end to Indonesian rule, a spate of militia-backed violence prompted the dispatch of international peacekeepers to restore and maintain order.
Belo, who won the Nobel Peace Prize along with self-exiled East Timorese activist Jose Ramos Horta, reminded the congregation that their conscience could also be blinded "by ignorance.
In late January 1999, President Habibie decided to let the East Timorese have independence in early 2000 if they refused a Jakarta offer of wide-ranging autonomy.
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