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an arm of the Pacific between China and Japan

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They affirmed ASEANs common stance on the settlement of disputes in the East Sea and committed to maintaining and promoting peace, security, stability, safety and freedom of maritime and aviation in the sea.
Vietnam wants to use friendly negotiations to resolve disputes in the East Sea," he told AFP, referring to the South China Sea by its Vietnamese name.
Vietnam calls for Uzbekistani support for the East Sea issue and thanks the country for its support and assistance given to the Vietnamese people during the past struggle for national liberation and unification.
Global Banking News-June 6, 2014--HSBC says East Sea tensions had limited impact on Vietnam
SEOUL (TAP) - North Korea fired, on Thursday, four presumed ballistic missiles into the East Sea, South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok told reporters.
Newcastle East Sea Cadets provides a valuable service to youngsters in the city who aspire to further themselves by learning both practical and educational skills while making friends along the way.
The visit by President Sang draws special attention in the context of complicated developments in the East Sea that threaten regional peace, stability and development.
warships fired naval guns and dropped anti-submarine bombs Tuesday during the third day of military drills in the East Sea meant to deter North Korea against future provocations, military officials said.
South Korea is planning to tap gas hydrate reserves in the East Sea from July 2010, Yonhap News Agency has reported, citing the government.
But Koreans don't like that name; they call it the East Sea.
Our result in the East Sea [as South Korea calls the Sea of Japan] unequivocally demonstrated that oceanic uptake of C[O.
The East Sea between South Korea and Japan was confirmed as containing the world's fifth-largest gas hydrate reserves at the International Conference on Gas Hydrates in July, said an official at the energy ministry.
On the domestic front, Korea plans to set up the eighth oil and gas hydrates in East Sea with an Australian development company.
In Bede's account of the arrival, in mid-5th century AD, of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, we read, 'They burned, harried and slew from the east sea to the west sea and no one withstood them.
conference on geographical names is unlikely to address Korea's demand to change the name of the Sea of Japan to the East Sea, Japanese delegation sources said Monday.