Byzantine Empire

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a continuation of the Roman Empire in the Middle East after its division in 395

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Therefore, if the ostensible reason for the introduction of a new name for the East Roman Empire does not stand up well under scrutiny, what might be the underlying motive?
About 480 architects in the East Roman Empire perfected a system of placing a hemispherical dome upon a square support in such a way that the bottom of the dome could be pierced by many windows without sacrificing its strength.
In 476 the last West Roman Emperor was forced into retirement, and for this reason 476 is considered the date of the fall of the Roman Empire, but the East Roman Empire remained intact.
In 611, Khosrau II (king of the Sassanid Empire of Persia from 590 to 628) began an invasion of the East Roman Empire.
However, the shrunken remnant of the East Roman Empire (largely Asia Minor and the Balkan Peninsula) are referred to after the Muslim conquest as the Byzantine Empire.