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of or relating to or characteristic of Bangladesh or its people or language


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Another East Pakistani leader, Sheikh Mujib, refused to accept an obstruction of the democratic process by a Punjabi military dictator, and Pakistan paid dearly for it.
In the old Pakistan, though, the Punjabis were a minority, but they stubbornly resisted the leadership of the East Pakistani Bengalis, the majority community.
After PakistanAEs vivisection at the hands of India and East Pakistani nationalism in 1971, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, described what was left of Pakistan as a New Pakistan.
The catalyst for secession was the resistance by Urdu-speaking West Pakistanis to accommodating the linguistic demands of Bengali-speaking East Pakistanis.
By the 1970s, East Pakistanis outnumbered those in the West.
East Pakistanis had two identities -- Bengali and Muslim -- and refused to choose their religious identity over their linguistic and cultural one.
According to a Reuters report, the movie depicts some of the dark times during the nine-month-long struggle for freedom by Bengali-speaking East Pakistanis, and shows how the Pakistani Army instigated massacres against millions of people, especially crimes against women.
My question is whether the erstwhile East Pakistanis (that is the present day Bangladeshis) had trained men, arms and ammunition to take out the mighty Pakistani forces and capture 93,000 Pakistanis or was the war fought by the tri-services of a neighbouring country and the East Pakistanis, as they were called then, playing second fiddle by helping the neighbour's forces with their guerilla force?
I have followed this war right from the time over one million East Pakistanis perished in a cyclone in 1969 and the self-styled Pakistani Field Marshal just flew over East Pakistan and did not meet any of the local people.
In a few years East Pakistanis became disillusioned with Pakistan's central government in West Pakistan.
On the other hand, East Pakistanis had very little security while the war was waged by West Pakistan.
The East Pakistanis chanted slogans of freedom and on 23rd March 1971, hoisted the Bangladeshi flag on the government and public buildings.
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