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The East Mediterranean waters from Egypt to Turkey appear to cover a world-class zone of nat.
Summary: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has revised downwards its growth forecasts for South and East Mediterranean countries (SEMED) because of political tensions in the region and the
The East Mediterranean gas findings could play a very important role helping both producing and neighbouring countries to address their energy security problems.
We inspire the common people to explore their true potential," General Manager of Microsoft's NEPA (North Africa, East Mediterranean and Pakistan) region, Leila Serhan, told the media at a recent press conference in Islamabad.
However on Friday, a low pressure accompanied by a cold front is expected to affect the east Mediterranean region.
Summary: Ingram Micro has announced that they have joined Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme in the Gulf region, French speaking North Africa countries and East Mediterranean countries.
Iran and East Mediterranean, key regions in the next wave of global gas supply beyond the U.
Gemayel also received the Cypriot ambassador Homer Mavrommatis, with talks featuring high on bilateral ties and the obstacles to a good investment of oil resources in the East Mediterranean region.
The conference will address the public health issues identifying the regional office in the East Mediterranean region of the World Health Organisation.
Speaking at a joint press conference in Cairo, Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades said the three countries "discussed boosting cooperation in the field of energy, with the belief that the discovery of hydrocarbons in the east Mediterranean can contribute to supporting regional cooperation for stability and prosperity.
In April 2013, General Salami announced that the country has stretched its security borders to the East Mediterranean.
Summary: Cyprus' energy minister said Wednesday that exploratory drilling in the first of six potential gas fields off the east Mediterranean island's coast is slated to begin before the end of summer.
The East Mediterranean alone is forecast to have in excess of 300 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered gas and Global Offshore Technology will provide a platform for all those involved in the global oil and gas sector, both those interested in the exploration prospects as well as those looking at Cyprus to provide a strategically located hub for their business interests throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Far East.
Summary: A $140 million investment has turned Beirut Port into one of the largest container handlers in the East Mediterranean amid growing demand for transshipment goods from war-torn Syria, a leading maritime official said Tuesday.
Conservative leader Nicos Anastasiades spoke a day after banks reopened their doors following an almost two-week shutdown to prevent a run on deposits by panicked Cypriots and wealthy foreign depositors as the east Mediterranean island flirted with bankruptcy.
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