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a group of islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans between Asia and Australia

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This had serious consequences because the way in which the photographers portrayed the Netherlands East Indies had an impact on how colonial society was viewed; it determined what people in the Randstad saw and knew of the colony.
A photograph of Robert Walser's body lying dead in the snow, the exploits of an American naturalist and his wife in the Dutch East Indies, the robust antics of Rabelais's Gymnaste as quoted in Tristram Shandy, the resonance of a sign on a wall in the writer's native Johannesburg--despite considerable impetus, misgivings and constraints defeat him.
He was one of more than 500 political prisoners accommodated in Australia during World War II: men, women and children from the Netherlands East Indies who had been banished by the Dutch colonial authorities to a malaria-infested settlement in West New Guinea, often for many years, and sent to Australia when that settlement was threatened by Japanese forces.
The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies" would allow the country to muscle in on all wealth flowing into Europe from Africa and the East Indies.
Indonesia have only reached the World Cup finals once, as the Dutch East Indies in 1938.
The herbal's writer, German-born Georg Eberhard Rumf (Latinized as Rumphius) shipped off to the Spice Islands in what is now Indonesia in 1652 to work for the Dutch East Indies Company on its spice route.
He later joined the Far East campaign and served in India, Burma, Malaya and the Dutch East Indies.
After the fall of Hong Kong, Singapore and the Dutch East Indies, some 50,000 British forces were captured by the Japanese.
In July 1941, the Imperial Japanese Army advanced into the southern part of French Indochina with an eye to obtaining oil and other resources in the Dutch East Indies (currently Indonesia).
1) Kam first went to Maluku in the Dutch East Indies in 1815, when he was well into his forties.
Historical ties of India with Myanmar, Thailand, the Malay Peninsula, Cambodia, Laos and with what was known as the East Indies - Sumatra, Java, Bali and Borneo - are well known.
In their early days in India, Neville writes in Sahibs' India: Vignettes of the Raj ( Penguin India; Rs 299), it was common for English settlers to start the evening with Madeira, the fortified wine from the Portuguese island that used to be the standard port of call for ships headed for the New World or the East Indies.
In my curiousity, I looked up the definition of tea, to find its primary meaning to be: "a shrub (Camellia sinensis of the family Theaceae, the tea family) cultivated especially in China, Japan and the East Indies.
Anjer was in 1883 in the Dutch East Indies and was a cosmopolitan township with a Chinese quarter, a mosque, a busy harbour, a Dutch quarter for the town's officials, as well as a kampong for the native Javanese.
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