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a native or inhabitant of the East Indies

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The 3-piece back consists of siris wings with an East Indian rosewood wedge, while the fingerboard and bridge are ornamented with infinity hexagon outlines.
While much of the earlier anthropological, sociological, and historical analyses of East Indian identity in the Caribbean and across the "subaltern diaspora" rested on theories of continuity, retention, and persistence of an immutable cultural trait, and while some have modified such views in the last three decades, utilizing perspectives of acculturation and assimilation, the historical origins outlined above provide a perspective on formational identity that has remained largely ignored in the literature.
iPhone game East Indian Tycoon was created by the experienced team of EffectiveSoft's iPhone programmers, who leveraged the power of Apple XCode, Adobe Photoshop, Objective-C and Cocoa Touch API development tools and technologies.
The East Indian community was first recognised in 1896 when they, converted to Christianity by the Portuguese 400 years ago, did not wish the British colonial government to confuse them with Goans, Mangaloreans and other Christian settlers in the region.
SIR Cliff Richard has praised a North East Indian restaurant as the "best in the world".
Summary: Thousands of people have been forced from their homes in West Bengal after a cyclone hit the east Indian state.
Ganga: The River that Flows from Heaven to Earth is a children's picturebook of East Indian legend of the river goddess Ganga.
One of the Caribbean's most ethnically and culturally diverse islands, it is inhabited in nearly equal numbers by people of African and East Indian descent (39.
NEW DELHI, Aug 2 (KUNA) -- Figures from North, West and East Indian states showed today that the death toll due to ongoing, sweeping floods caused by recent torrential rains, which exceeded 130 people, while lives of hundreds of thousands of people have been affected.
Shaheen Nilofer, Oxfam's east Indian programme manager, said: "Conditions are terrible.
42,'' the BBC comedy series broadcast here on the BBC America channel that deals with an East Indian family living in London who've hit upon a unique method of keeping up with the Joneses by hosting their own chat show from a TV studio erected in the back garden.
Among his topics are the Dutch East Indian Company in the trade of the Indian Ocean, the European trading companies and the merchants of Bengal from 1650 to 1725, and precious metal flows into India in the early modern period.
The hip isolation in Fosse's work is given the same reverence that you would give to the art of an East Indian or Balinese dancer.
The Midival Punditz, present Light, an original album drawing upon the tremendous rich heritage of East Indian folk, including elements of Rajasthani, Punjabi, Carnatic, and Uttar Pradesh musical culture.
FIFTY North East Indian restaurants are raising money for victims of the Bangladesh cyclone.
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