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a native or inhabitant of the East Indies

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Preliminary thoughts on what would eventually be conceptualized as Indianite made their debut in the journal, Soleil indien, launched in March 1974 by Ponaman, which aimed to give a voice to the often-sidelined East Indian presence in Martinique, in particular, and in the French Caribbean, in general.
Santalis Pharmaceuticals reported on Friday the receipt of the patent covering East Indian sandalwood oil-containing compositions for the treatment of a variety of cancers from the Japanese Patent Office.
Each essay attempts to fill the gaps of historical value and thus provide answers to what remained unaccounted for regarding the East Indian diasporic movement.
Illustrated with mouth-watering full-color photography throughout, The Cafe Spice Cookbook: 84 Quick and Easy Indian Recipes for Everyday Meals is a cookbook of East Indian cuisine inspired by author Hari Nayak's popular line of "grab 'n' go" Indian meals.
All three products feature salicylic acid to help prevent new breakouts, and pharmaceutical grade East Indian sandalwood oil to help calm and soothe irritated skin.
Benzac also incorporates East Indian Sandalwood Oil to calm the skin.
Benzac treats stubborn acne and prevents new breakouts from forming with salicylic acid, while pharmaceutical-grade East Indian sandalwood oil calms and soothes skin.
A variety of flavor profiles, from Mediterranean (Organic Garlic & Basil Whole Grain Wild Rice) to East Indian (Organic Mild Curry Whole Grain Lentils & Rice) are explored.
Ethnic studies have subsumed the low-population East Indian ethnic group (numbering about 1000) under the more dominant African and Hispanic majority population (numbering about 89,000 out of total population of 106,405) in the USVI (Albuqerque & McElroy 1999; USVI Population Census 2010).
Among Asian women, 31 percent of Filipino, 26 percent of Japanese, 25 percent of East Indian, 23 percent of "other Asian," and 18 percent of Chinese women reported having hot flashes or night sweats.
African cherry or maybe East Indian rosewood, crackling
What can be ascertained about Seevakumaran is that he of partial or full East Indian descent -- Seevakumaran is a name that likely originates in South India.
Vera Rubin, had noted that research on rural Trinidad "had emphasized East Indian isolation, cultural retention and hostility to Creole domination" (p.
of Florida and is the author of eight books, including two bestsellers "Caribbean East Indian Recipes" and "Medicinal and Edible Plants used by East Indians of Trinidad and Tobago.
The East Indian diaspora in the Caribbean--the diaspora that has been variously termed as the "diaspora of the old" or the "subaltern diaspora," distinguishing it from the late 20th-century Indian migrations to the industrialized parts of the world--is one that has woven its identity in contrast and in exclusion of African-derived identities.
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