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a large sailing ship that was engaged in the British trade with India

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One example is the 30-gun English East Indiaman Albemarle, wrecked in 1708 on the home run of her maiden voyage after three years at sea.
George Buchan's Narrative of the Loss of the Winterton East Indiaman (1820) is a complex text that weaves together a historical account of a tragedy and its aftermath, an ethnography and natural history of Madagascar, and the unequivocal pronouncement of the author's evangelical commitments.
In fact, the negative decision against Hercules in 1800 must have been very soon overturned, as in June 1800 the Herculean East Indiaman that sailed for India, commanded by Captain Robert Anderson, had as its Third Mate "Hercules Ross" (Hardy 1811:205).
The Netherlands, prime jurists in this field, have successfully argued legally that the modern Dutch state, which only dates from 1815, is the lawful successor, inter alia, of the Dutch East India Company, which was dissolved in 1802 by Napoleon, thereby entitling it to sovereign rights over any wreck and its contents of any Dutch East Indiaman, such as the Amsterdam, which is found; by so doing, they have reaped, and are reaping, a rich reward.
There was no difficulty getting anyone to eat fish, particularly the Birmingham Dlice contingent, when we met for the final night's dinner on board the East Indiaman, a painstakingly reconstruct-t ed replica of a trading ship that sunk in Gothenburg's harbour inlet in 1745, possibly because the Spanish crew were off their chops on schnapps.
At Merseyside Maritime Museum were is an oil painting called An East Indiaman taking a pilot off Dover, attributed to Robert Dodd (1748 - 1815).
Scandinavian airline SAS said on Friday (27 May) that it had signed a partnership contract with the East Indiaman Gotheborg project.
99 When the Dutch East Indiaman "Batavia" struck an uncharted reef off the new continent of Australia on her maiden voyage in 1629, 332 men, women and children were on board.
Aboard the East Indiaman, Lynn, in which he left Deal on January 29, 1750, he endured a stormy voyage.
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