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a republic in north central Europe on the Baltic

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Krenz later served three years in prison for his role in the deaths of East Germans who tried to escape over the Wall.
Nutrition was the largest cost of children for East Germans (despite food subsidies), at 10.
About two days before the competition began, I got my first glimpse of one of my East German opponents.
But like many East Germans, he also says that many people became colder and more egotistical (self-centered).
The outdated technology, ecological waste and unfamiliarity with marketing put the East Germans in a disadvantaged position compared to the west.
Vic Allen, a retired professor of economics at Leeds University, is alleged to have passed confidential information about the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to East German intelligence officers.
Garton Ash compares what the Stasi observed with what he remembers himself, from a one-night stand with an East German girl student to deep conversations with some of the dissidents.
If, as seems inevitable, she wins, the East Germans will be stripped of their Olympic titles, Lisa will be awarded the Silver Medal - and Ann will finally become the Golden Girl she always knew she could be.
Before long, he and his helpers were sheltering nearly 50,000 East Germans.
However, he also dispenses with the myths that emerged after the demise of the GDR: that all East Germans were defeated losers, for example, or that the GDR began as a period of innocence and idealism, not one of brutality and oppression.
At least 4 out of 10 East Germans had some connection to the gargantuan secret police structure called the Stasi, either as informer or victim.
If privatization continues at its current pace, the Treuhand projects that -- by the end of 1992 -- 90 percent of east Germans in paid employment will be working in non-Treuhand companies.
ZDF, the other German public broadcaster, also transmits to the East Germans, via terrestrial frequencies.
We believe that the former East Germans would need a long time to behave as free people.
Fifty percent of the East Germans face unemployment, Spiller said, not because of laziness, but because their companies may be forced out of business.