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a native or inhabitant of the former republic of East Germany

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However, as in the case of men, East German women without children experienced about 25 percent less leisure than their West German counterparts.
But just as he was about to go to the train station, he heard unbelievable news: The East German government had announced that the border was open.
Fox aims to "show that the East German state, with its highly controlled public sphere, attempted to reorganize, censor, and orchestrate Holocaust discourse in a massive effort to utilize the 'Jewish question' for its own political ends .
East German authors and politicians recruited and reimagined Humboldt as a socialist scientist and a champion of the oppressed in order to provide scientific and cultural legitimacy to the state's official ideology and political agenda.
The fear of the communist regime has led to an increase in the number of East Germans emigrating to West Germany.
These (patriarchal, male-dominated) West and East German states used their policies on "women's liberation" after 1949 in part as a symbolic language to differentiate themselves from each other.
Part I provides not only a highly satisfying overview of East German cinema and the rise of DEFA, but also a concise, clear political and historical backdrop on which to base our film studies.
Market shares of all East German products dropped after unification, since people switched to West German products for their novelty and better quality.
Pressure had been building on the East German government for months to grant its citizens the freedom to travel to the West and a clearly underprepared Schabowski stunned the journalists present with his answer.
His study mines national and local archives for government reports, correspondence, and memoirs to reconstruct policy debates among bureaucrats, scientists, ecological activists, and ordinary citizens about how to manage East German landscapes.
I did quite a bit of research for the book, interviewing a former prisoner to ensure the details of the East German prison scenes were authentic.
It was weird to be in the big city, but in an entirely wooded section, no houses in sight, just the road looking down onto the East German sector.
Since then, the productivity gap between West and East German companies has narrowed but has not been closed yet.
It is permanent and will be the foundation of a new travel law,'' East German Interior Minister Friedrich Dickel said on East German television.
DEFA at the Crossroads of East German and International Film Culture: A Companion