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a native or inhabitant of the former republic of East Germany

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A liquidation company was set up to dismantle the real estate and other assets of the former state-owned East German broadcast media, including film rights, film libraries, copyrights, archives and the like.
What would be the best way for a foreign investor to pursue a stake in an East German company?
Given the partly conflicting targets of minimizing the risk of inflation, strengthening the competitive position of the East German business sector, containing budgetary cost and satisfying the high expectation of East German population, the rates for converting East German marks into D-Marks were seen as a compromise (general conversion rate for financial assets and liabilities of one D-Mark for two East Marks, preferential rate of 1:1 for limited amounts of private savings and for contractual payments such as salaries, wages and rents).
Although some monetary tightening was still expected eventually, there appeared to be no immediate large increase in demand pressures, as East Germans took a cautious view of their prospects in light of the economic restructuring and uncertainties that lay ahead.
Clearly, Hungary has become an attractive location for Western business, especially for those Western firms that have limited access to the superior East German market.
Twenty five years ago today, Europe and the whole world looked on in awe as ordinary East Germans took to the streets and stormed the Berlin Wall, breaking it with their hands using hammers and clambering over to the freedom of West Germany.
We can look with pride to East Germans irrepressible desire for freedom and West Germans solidarity with them.
It is believed the East German officials embraced Carlos because they viewed him as an enemy of capitalism who would do much of their dirty work for them.
While Loth maintains that there were "missed opportunities" for German unification, Spilker argues in contrast that the East German communists "applied the rules of bourgeois democracy only when they were confident of victory, always preferring control over Eastern Germany to marginalization in a united Germany and thus effectively blocking the road to German unity" (p.
David said: "My mother deeply rejected the East German system and, of course, she missed her brother.
THE former East German Communist official who accidentally announced the opening of the Berlin Wall has died, aged 86.
Guenther Schabowski, the former senior East German Communist official who accidentally announced the opening of the Berlin Wall, has died aged 86, German media reported on Sunday.
Historian Scott Moranda adds to this discussion with The People's Own Landscape, effectively demonstrating that instead of bitter disagreement between ordinary citizens and the ruling Socialist Unity Party (SED) over land usage, there was for most of East German history a remarkable consensus between rulers and ruled that scientific and authoritarian management of nature could yield limitless economic abundance and higher standards of living.
The Leipzig Affair is the story of a doomed love affair between a young Scot called Robert, who is studying in Leipzig, and an East German woman desperate to flee.
Soviet Moscow had set up a puppet East German state that surrounded Berlin and included the Soviet occupied sector of the city.