East China Sea

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part of the Pacific Ocean near eastern Asia

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subsidiary has signed five contracts to explore for and develop natural gas resources in the Xihu Trough of the East China Sea.
Since China has brought in air defence over the East China Sea that also covers the air space of the Senkaku islands, the center of a bitter territorial dispute between Japan and China, regional tensions have raised.
China had earlier declared a new air-defence zone in the East China Sea comprising the disputed chain of islands, which Beijing calls Diaoyu and Japan Senkaku, adding a new dimension to the (http://www.
He repeated that the United States did not recognize a new air defense zone announced by China this month over the East China Sea.
Australia has made clear its opposition to any coercive or unilateral actions to change the status quo in the East China Sea .
26 ( ANI ): China has slammed the United States' remarks over the announcement of Beijing to build its air defense identification zone in the East China Sea, as an "unjustified interference.
The Chinese defence ministry has announced it is setting up an "air-defence identification zone" over certain regions in the East China Sea, including a disputed chain of islands that is also claimed by Japan.
22 in the East China Sea transmitted encrypted radio messages suggesting it intended to use force against Japanese patrol boats and destroy itself, sources familiar with the case said Monday.
CNOOC Limited (NYSE: CEO) (SEHK: 883) announced today that China National Offshore Oil Corporation ("CNOOC"), its parent and China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation ("Sinopec") have reached an agreement on June 18, 2001 to jointly develop natural gas in the Xihu Trough of East China Sea.
Japan is working with ASEAN on a response to China's air defence identification zone (ADIZ), declared in November, over a group of islets in the East China Sea, which are disputed with Tokyo.
On Thursday, during military talks in Seoul, South Korea requested China to revise its newly declared air defence identification zone in the East China Sea which has increased regional tensions, even though the Philippines are concerned that China might seek control of air space over contested areas of the South China Sea.
24 ( ANI ): China's announcement that it has set up a new air defense zone over the East China Sea that includes the disputed islands has reportedly concerned both Japan and the US.
The Chinese military planes -- two Y8 early-warning aircraft and two H6 bombers -- flew from the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean and back again, but did not violate Japan's airspace, the reports said.
The incident comes at a time when the two countries are embroiled in a row over a nearby group of islands in the East China Sea, controlled by Japan but claimed by China.
Japan is disappointed at North Korea's criticism of its actions to deal with an unidentified ship in the East China Sea which sank Saturday following a shoot-out with Japanese patrol boats, a senior Foreign Ministry official said Wednesday.
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