Great Rift Valley

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( geology) a depression in southwestern Asia and eastern Africa

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Lawrence Valley system: A North American equivalent of the East African Rift system: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v.
What is fueling the plate breakup in the East African Rift Valley?
Outside Africa, the Red Sea coasts would have offered similar environments to the East African Rift and volcanic activity extending nearly to historic times occurs extensively on the Arabian side, although faulting is rare.
The data revealed a previously unknown extension of the East Antarctic Rift System - a 2,500-kilometer-long fracture that extends from East Antarctica across the ocean to India, which, when active, resembled today's East African Rift System - making it the longest fossil rift system on Earth.
According to Tullow: "This East African Rift Basin acreage shares many geological attributes with Tullow's Lake Albert Rift Basin position in Uganda however it is approximately 10 times larger.
Students and other novices will find enjoyment and great satisfaction in the introduction by Dr GALLAY and colleagues to the geography of the East African Rift Valley, its Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene climates, zoology and primatology, and the palaeoanthropology and Lower Palaeolithic archaeology.
Ancient human ancestors inhabited some of the rawest land on Earth, amid the East African Rift Valley.
Both grabens occupy the northern part of the western branch of the East African rift system (EARS).
The East African Rift system, which extends from the Afar triple junction 3,000 km south to Lake Malawi, is the largest active rift in the world.
Similarly, the market is yet to recognise Beach's ground floor position in one of the most exciting new petroleum provinces seen in recent years: the East African Rift.
He said: "A major earthquake disaster in the region is inevitable because wide areas of southern Africa are affected by the slow, southward spread of the East African rift system.
The Lake Kivu basin, shared with neighbouring DR Congo, is seated in the groove forming the volcanically - and technically - active East African Rift Valley.
The quakes in the Sudan probably relate to the East African rift zone, a tectonic structure that is slowly pulling apart the eastern margin of the continent.
This colorful model shows prominent volcanoes and lava flows in the East African Rift System," said Lisa Ritter, remote sensing specialist, National Geographic Maps.
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