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Investment from private sector is critical as the East Africa energy reserves require substantial funding in order to reach full potential, which cannot be met by government subsidy alone.
Operators are venturing into mobile financial services and infrastructure leasing to remain competitive and relevant, thus encouraging the transition to more advanced telecommunications services and paving the way for a truly connected East Africa.
The conference programme of Agribusiness Congress East Africa will address farming finance, skills development and input productivity for commercial viability as well as look at rural financing and small scale and emerging farmer sector growth areas.
East Africa is an exciting market, with plenty of opportunities and one which is of real interest for our international and GCC clients.
Shaddad said that after assuming the position of the Chairman of the Center for Mining in South and East Africa he will work for settlement of precious stones in Sudan, describing Sudan winning to the position as a great opportunity for openness to Africa.
Such networking events allow the UAE's manufacturers and exporters to network and collaborate with high profile importers from East Africa to promote their businesses, that will in turn help increase the country's aggregate exports and augment bilateral trade.
The region comprises Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda, and has an estimated population of 130 million - sixty percent of which are young people, figures from reports by IUCEA, East Africa Community (EAC) and East Africa Business Council (EABC) showed.
The East Africa region has enjoyed economic growth during recent years, and is growing its reputation as an important supplier to markets across the globe.
Peter den Boogert, general manager of Altqa Global, said: "The business activities in the East Africa region are flourishing and the economy has been thriving throughout recent years, resulting in an increased demand for power.
KIXP, the largest internet exchange point in East Africa, enables Kenyan ISPs to exchange traffic within the country without having to use multiple international hops.
Top economies in East Africa have launched a cross-border payment system.
December 10, 2011 (MOMBASA) -- The newly independent state of South Sudan is considering joining the East Africa Community (EAC) - a free trade zone - but will initially conduct further studies on the matter.
EWAN McGregor is fronting an appeal to help children facing starvation in the drought in east Africa.
Move will allow it to offer full suite of services to wider East Africa
THE situation in East Africa caused by high food prices, poor rains, conflict and chronic poverty has left millions of people in need of emergency assistance.