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Established in the early 1990s by their father Dermot, McCabe Earthworks is managed today by brothers John and Andrew.
A program of the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps (SGVCC), Earthworks Farm encompasses nearly five acres in the Whittier Narrows Recreational Area and incorporates sustainable, organic farming practices with a diverse array of crops.
Jagger was fined PS1,000, and must pay PS3,850 costs and a PS15 victim surcharge; Earthworks was fined PS2,500, with PS3,850 costs and a PS15 victim surcharge.
According to a report in National Geographic News, satellite images of the upper Amazon Basin taken since 1999 have revealed more than 200 geometric earthworks spanning a distance greater than 155 miles.
The Earthworks Urban Farm in Detroit, recently named one of the top 10 urban farms in the United States by Natural Home magazine, uses its organic garden to spread lessons on the Franciscan tradition of nourishing the body, soul and spirit.
This revised edition of the 1990 best-selling kids' environmental book is co-authored by Oregonian Sophie Javna, the 15-year-old daughter of the original book's author, John Javna, founder of Earthworks Group.
According to Earthworks, a nonprofit environmental organization that runs its own cell phone recycling campaign, known as Recycle My Cell Phone, cell phones contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, beryllium, arsenic and cadmium that can leach into groundwater from landfills or pollute the air if incinerated.
If academics, students and supporters at the Newark Earthworks Center at The Ohio State University have their way, the Newark Earthworks will be fisted among the likes of England's Stonehenge and Mexico's Teotihuacan in terms of international archaeological and cultural importance.
Wal-Mart, Tiffany and Zales representatives sat down for six hours in a roundtable discussion with Earthworks (coordinator of the "No Dirty Gold" campaign at www.
Redl said his inspiration is the spare, post-Minimalism Light-and-Space environmental art of James Turrell and Robert Irwin, as well as earthworks like Walter De Maria's ``Lighting Fields'' in New Mexico.
Their proposals extend over a 1300m long site, including the consideration of significant earthworks, cuttings and associated landscaping.
Volunteers from the Earthworks Project spent the summer holiday creating the circular garden at the school in the shadow of the Metropolitan cathedral.
CANONIZED FOUNDER OF EARTHWORKS, film-maker, respected antiformalist theorist, "preconscious" religious visionary, homoerotic draftsman, and Beat poet (not to mention posthumous market-driven photographer)--these Robert Smithsons have proliferated since the artist aligned himself with the new entropic monuments later designated as Minimal art.
The closest thing North Americans have to the pyramids of Egypt are the earthworks built by eastern Native Americans from 3000 B.
A new SideSlope command provides an efficient method for designing complex earthworks and surface features.