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an inhabitant of the earth

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for intelligence gathering -- employed in the novel by surviving Earthmen to capture detailed images over vast distances of the death of the invaders' Imperial City.
Although the mysterious green ball reproduces scenes from Earth and some past experiences of the earthmen, it is not a translation device.
These consistencies support the most likely assumption of all--that these craft were developed by Earthmen.
Friday was a fine night, with background tunes provided by DJ Horsepussy, and live acts including Shannon and the Clams, the Girls, Earthmen and Strangers, the Half Rats, and No Bunny.
The Earthmen have already undergone metamorphosis through her spells, transformed from happy-go-lucky children of the fiery deep into hardworking exiles bearing expressions "as sad as a face could be" (129).
and also a steady roaring," and from the high window they see "a great red glow" and "something very strange" in the streets that they must try to decipher, Earthmen "darting about" or "lurking in shadow"; from the harbor a "rumbling roar" increasing and "shaking the whole city.
Two obstacles threaten their escape, the rising flood and an army of gnomes assembling against them--for the Earthmen too are misinterpreting what they see.