Garden of Eden

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a beautiful garden where Adam and Eve were placed at the Creation


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considered the Soviet Union as the fatherland of the revolution and the achievement of utopia, an earthly paradise that was to be defended at all costs.
In order for the writer to show that man's original sin is, actually, that of poverty--and not of pride, as in the Bible--the author must create an earthly paradise within the boundaries of Cale.
Proceeding from his account of various uses of Milton's Pandemonium in pre-cinematic entertainments and early cinema, Brown's exploration of the Miltonic film covers interesting developments, from Satanic subtexts to depictions of earthly paradise to space odysseys.
Almost all of these lyrics were apparently drafted between the publication of Morris's Life and Death of Jason in 1867 and the appearance of his Earthly Paradise in 1868-1870, and four of them did find their way into periodicals in 1869-1870.
At the Palace of Versailles, south of Paris, fountains dance to classical music, and as the Sun King, Louis XIV, strode through his earthly paradise, a footman ran in front to turn on the next fountain, while another ran behind to turn off the previous display.
He talks about his love and veneration for the composer and his music, transporting us to an earthly paradise.
The 15 essays consider such topics as Goths and Romans in Tolkien's imagination, forests as places of transformation in The Lord of the Rings, hobbit preference for round windows and the Arts and Crafts movement, cultural materialism and the reverse discourse of the wild in The Hobbit, Tolkien and Dante's earthly paradise enculturing nature, the party tree and its roots in the Spanish Civil War, and the past.
Nine pairs of allotmenteers (yes, it's a word) have been given 15 weeks to turn an empty plot into an earthly paradise, then present their produce to win Best in Show.
the Having lost radio contact with Mission Control, the astronauts become angel-Filmof the like figures flailing in limbo between the cold, dark heavens and the inviting warmth of the earthly paradise below.
Will Wright envisions families in an earthly paradise.
The book is organized into three sections on gardens in life and literature broadly, the Christian significance of gardens and earthly paradise, and gardens under the auspices of feudal power.
But Santiago's portrayal of Puerto Rico's uncertain identity--fluctuating between earthly paradise, New World stopover, and American subordinate, somehow permanently undeserving of actual statehood--is an unusually watchable and understated example of the genre.
In contrast to Poe's vision of terror illustrated by the dark landscape is the vision of beauty and the supernal elaborated by the earthly paradise.
Miss Helen, we learn, is an outsider artist working instinctively with shiny found objects to create a garden of statues--owls, camels, mermaids and wise men among them--facing Mecca and representing her vision of earthly paradise.
To them it was an earthly paradise, not just because of the name of one of our streets, but because just about every form of debauchery known to man could be found here.