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a beautiful garden where Adam and Eve were placed at the Creation


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Nine pairs of allotmenteers (yes, it's a word) have been given 15 weeks to turn an empty plot into an earthly paradise, then present their produce to win Best in Show.
It was more about the psychology of longing to live an independent life in their earthly paradise.
the Having lost radio contact with Mission Control, the astronauts become angel-Filmof the like figures flailing in limbo between the cold, dark heavens and the inviting warmth of the earthly paradise below.
The book is organized into three sections on gardens in life and literature broadly, the Christian significance of gardens and earthly paradise, and gardens under the auspices of feudal power.
But Santiago's portrayal of Puerto Rico's uncertain identity--fluctuating between earthly paradise, New World stopover, and American subordinate, somehow permanently undeserving of actual statehood--is an unusually watchable and understated example of the genre.
Browning seems to have been very enthusiastic about William Morris' first collection, The Defence of Guinevere and Other Poems (1857), calling them "the only new poems to my mind since there's no telling when," (19) and recurring to them in his letter of thanks for his presented copy of The Earthly Paradise (1868-70): (20)
Shangri-La is an earthly paradise first described in the 1930s by British author James Hilton as a utopia of peace and happiness, originally thought to be located near the western end of the Himalayas and Western China's Xinjiang Province.
Much to Harout's chagrin, the Awakian family was expelled from their earthly paradise as a result of a dispute between two clans of Tyre's feudal al-Khalil family, in which Harout's father was involved.
The Idylls of the King, dedicated to Prince Albert, were abandoned in favour of Apuleius's tale of the debonair encounters of Cupid and Psyche, in the prosaic verse of William Morris's Earthly Paradise or the poetic prose of Walter Pater's Marius the Epicurean.
To them it was an earthly paradise, not just because of the name of one of our streets, but because just about every form of debauchery known to man could be found here.
In other words, when Dante falls in love with Beatrice in Florence, he sees her as she appears in the earthly paradise at the end of the Purgatorio (Alighieri, Comedy [C] 2: 30.
SINCE publication of James Hilton's book Lost Horizon, the term Shangri-La has become synonymous with an earthly paradise and, while I wouldn't go quite that far in fulsome praise of Dubai's Shangri-La Hotel, I would have to agree that it has succeeded in its aim of 'achieving definitive standards of modern luxury'.
Let's forget about the political borders and help one another in protecting our environment and turn our abode into an earthly paradise.
We humans still have our problems and our troubles, but compared with our ancestors, we live in an earthly paradise.