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an inhabitant of the earth

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AUSTIN, Texas, April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In celebration of Earth Month, Whole Foods Market is transforming into a hub for Earthlings - or humans inspired by the earth's beauty and bounty -- to meet up, share ideas and celebrate the planet both in stores and online at EarthlingMonth.
Woo hoo, fellow earthlings, please copy, instead of just storing information and guessing about what's happening.
It is only fair to our landlord and incredibly prudent for us earthlings.
Once an unknown economics professor at an obscure university (Cal State Fullerton), Castronova has, over the past few years, become the world's pre-eminent authority--and go-to quote for reporters--on the subject of "virtual worlds," persistent online spaces where thousands of earthlings gather simultaneously.
Of course, the folks planning cuts in that very service are mere Earthlings and thus come from a different planet.
In celeb circles, a gift bag is the equivalent of a $15 gift certificate at Ross for us earthlings.
Data, the Pinocchio-like android in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is a machine who wants oh-so-desperately to be human and who, through his courage, curiosity, and honor, proves to be so much more humane than many of the earthlings who snub and abuse him.
On Mars, the three earthlings cause a Selenite revolt and unleash disease on the water system of the drying out fourth planet from the sun.
The "For Mash Get Smash" Martians - who fell about laughing at the sight of Earthlings struggling to peel potatoes - have been revived for a new range of merchandise including a computer game, calendars, posters, stationery and clothes.
With the bigger picture at hand, an extraterrestrial might be less inclined to draw normative or temporal distinctions and more likely to see an agglomeration of stuff that, down the centuries, earthlings have put faith in (science, industry, religion) or used as hedges against their insignificance.
The Mysterons had Captain Black to cause havoc among earthlings .
The alien might well look perplexed for he, she or it would be witnessing earthlings that, seemingly, had gone mad.
Us earthlings hardly need to worry about this, because so many of us seem hell-bent on destroying our precious planet without the need for any assistance from aliens
On the flip side, the history of Earthlings trying to signal other worlds, often using scientific symbols to advertise our own intelligence, is long.