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Synonyms for mound




Synonyms for mound

to put into a disordered pile

Synonyms for mound

(baseball) the slight elevation on which the pitcher stands

structure consisting of an artificial heap or bank usually of earth or stones

the position on a baseball team of the player who throws the ball for a batter to try to hit


form into a rounded elevation

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Excavations in northern Israel at a huge earthen mound called Tel Rehov revealed the Iron Age settlement.
The focal point of the complex is a large truncated Mississippian earthen mound, 1Ca196.
About 100 feet of concrete pathway has been constructed, taking in a pictograph and an agave roasting pit - a Jacuzzi-sized earthen mound where ancient residents used to cook rabbit, tortoise and bighorn sheep.
A massive earthen mound rises majestically and rather mysteriously above agricultural fields in northeastern Syria.
Ur's team studied the placement and age of pottery fragments and other artifacts on and around Tell Brak, a 40-meter-high, 1-kilometer-long earthen mound.
Recent excavations at Los Cerritos, an earthen mound site on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, provide evidence for a sedentary fishing-farming community dating to the Early Formative period (3500-2800 cal BP).
Tenders are invited for Construction earthen mound barrier outside magazine fencing area at dugga main magazine location dugga main magazine
A small earthen mound was subsequently erected to a height of about 1 m and burned pottery, fragments of iron and bronze with charcoal and calcined bone from Grave 5 were deposited on its surface.
This structure was subsequently encased in limestone boulders, its outer timbers fired, and then the stone cairn was covered with sods to form an earthen mound (phase 5).
Excavation of an earthen mound located near Mexico's southern Pacific coast has yielded a ball court dating to between 3,400 and 3,250 years ago.
The site consists of a hengiform enclosure, some 230 m across, surrounding two surface monuments: Site A, a low ring-barrow, and Site B, an earthen mound some 50 m in diameter and 6 m high [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
In December 1997, Moore explored a modest earthen mound near Angkor Wat that the radar had identified.
The party has barred shepherds, citizens and hunters from entering this area, which has been turned into a military zone where Hezbollah has installed long-range rockets, set up checkpoints and built tunnels, fortifications and earthen mounds, the sources said.
These sprawling structures, mostly earthen mounds, create the type of landscape art most famously seen in the Nazca region of Peru, reports Live Science.
Excavations at previously unknown archaeological sites in the Bolivian lowlands have exposed three middens (forested earthen mounds, also known as forest islands) produced by human hunters as early as 10,000 years ago, archaeologists have revealed.