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Synonyms for mound




Synonyms for mound

to put into a disordered pile

Synonyms for mound

(baseball) the slight elevation on which the pitcher stands

structure consisting of an artificial heap or bank usually of earth or stones

the position on a baseball team of the player who throws the ball for a batter to try to hit


form into a rounded elevation

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They are made of stucco, adobe and crushed or broken chunks of cement the same kind of cement that was used to coat the famous earthen mound pyramids of the area.
In 1975, beneath the ancient earthen mound known as Tell Mardikh, an Italian archeological team discovered the archives of Ebla, a Sumerian city located today in Northern Syria.
More than 200 people, including a phalanx of media, assembled on Santa Barbara Street next to a makeshift memorial beside a cross-studded, towering earthen mound - the remains of the Jan.
A large photo of the event takes in the entire scene from above: Twenty-one young women wearing only gray or black Helmut Lang shoes lie atop a large earthen mound at the center of the space.
She looked into the glaring sunlight to find the singer and saw an Israeli soldier in his green uniform standing on the earthen mound on the Israeli side of the wall, the mound onto which the army drives jeeps in order to peer down on those below.
He instructed them to plant four kernels within a small earthen mound, and then bury a fish in hill to provide adequate fertilizer and moisture for the seeds.
If you have time, take a trip to the Norman stronghold known as Twt Hill,marked by a prominent earthen mound.
Heading west from Dublin, we toured first-millennium monastic ruins and Mesolithic monuments like the incredible Newgrange passage tomb, which is an earthen mound covering an internal stone structure whose roof has remained watertight for 5,000 years.
In the last two years, the company has spent more than A$15 million on environmental projects, including installation of a gas scrubber to improve air quality, and an earthen mound and acoustic fence to minimize noise.
The housing loan, provided by the Dhaka-based Grameen Bank, a special institution established in 1983 for poor people, transformed the fragile hut into a solid house built on an earthen mound and boasting a tin roof -- a status symbol among low-income Bangladeshis -- mud walls and wooden beams.
As it rises at an angle the outer surface provides a place to stand, as additional material is raised to further increase the height of either a masonry pyramid or a simple earthen mound.
The colony's earthen mound is typically 3 to 36 inches high, but in some soil types there will be no visible mound.
By digging air chambers at the base of an earthen mound and layering the floor with wet soil, termites in northern Nigeria keep the temperature inside the mound at exactly 30.
The usual construction procedure was to make a low but wide earthen mound to drain rainwater away from the earthen architecture.