terrestrial planet

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a planet having a compact rocky surface like the Earth's

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Those stars will become the focus of the Terrestrial Planet Finder--a future NASA mission that will look around the stars for Earth-like planets.
and colleagues from Technische Universitat Braunschweig (Germany), the Russian Academy of Sciences (Apatity, Russia), and the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Graz, Austria), studied the potential effects of cosmic ray energy on extrasolar Earth-like planets that exist in habitable zones.
and colleagues from the Institutes for Astronomy at the University of Vienna, Austria, and at Eotoyos University, Budapest, Hungary, describe the dynamics of hypothetical Earth-like planets that would have the ability to maintain stable orbits outside our solar system, in a paper entitled, "Trojans in Habitable Zones.
Nevertheless, multiple observations by at least five separate teams of astronomers greatly increase the probability that Earth-like planets will be found elsewhere in our galaxy in the next decade or two.