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Synonyms for earthquake

earth tremor

Synonyms for earthquake

a shaking of the earth

Synonyms for earthquake

shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity

a disturbance that is extremely disruptive

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In the morning the disaster management regional office told me about the situation and I am proud to announce that a team has been dispatched to assess the situation and damage caused by this quake, thus far no fatalities has been reported, ESKOM informed us that there were no damages except for power failure which has already been restored and the chamber of mines, the department of minerals resources also informed us there were no injuries encountered as a result of the earth quake said MEC Galaletsang Gaolaolwe.
The study is based on reviewing literature and from our own local experience in the management of Spinal injury and Amputees during and after 2005 earth quake disaster.
I have yet to hear of humanitarian aid, be it rice, medical aid, search and rescue assistance, doctors etc etc being refused by the whinge brigade on the basis of immorality or worse coming from the lands and hands of the great Satan, which is all too crudely offered and made available during earth quakes, floods etc etc.
There have been a few earth quakes in the UK where aftershocks have occurred but really we cannot tell if there will be any aftershocks.
The issues related to increase of ADB's portfolio for Kyrgyzstan and budget consolidation, ADB's possibility to provide support to rehabilitation and construction of facilities affected by the recent earth quakes, situation in energy sector of the Kyrgyz Republic were discussed during these meetings.