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  • noun

Synonyms for earthquake

earth tremor

Synonyms for earthquake

a shaking of the earth

Synonyms for earthquake

shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity

a disturbance that is extremely disruptive

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A strong earth quake and continues aftershocks had killed more than 8700 people, destroyed thousands of houses in addition to incurring huge economic losses.
Senior Minister Chaudhary Yaseen while speaking on the occasion appreciated the efforts of Islamic relief and other nongovernmental organizations for their unforgettable role of relief and rehabilitation operation in AJK after the deadly earth quake of 2005.
Today's opener will see defending champions Earth Quake team, led by Shaikh Khalifa bin Rashid Al Khalifa, take on newcomers Durrat Al Bahrain in Group 'A' on Ground '1'.
9-magnitude earthquake shook part of Banjarnegara district, Central Java province early Monday (June 6) following another earth quake measuring 3.
In the aftermath of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earth quake, which struck western Japan, the government formed three extra budgets worth a total of over 4 trillion yen (some $50 billion), stepping up its spending in stages as the gravity of damage was revealed.
The automaker is taking this step as some of its suppliers require more time to restore production facilities damaged by the devastating earth quake a week ago.
DISASTER AREA: Prince William witnesses the destruction of Christchurch Cathedral in the New Zealand earth quake.
KATIE PRICE: Watching news about earth quake omg devastating soo sad very upsetting and disturbing to see this its awful
Measurements of the speed of earth quake vibrations traveling through the planet show that the innermost part of the core is made of solid iron.
Balance sheets have remained strong despite much higher losses this year related to events such as the Chilean earth quake and the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster.
Regarding insurance -a portion of everyone''s insurance is contributed to the Earth Quake Commission to cover such events.
Manmohan Singh, has condoled the loss of life in the earth quake that hit Chile on the 27th Feb 2010.
A company spokesman said: "The impact on Cermaq's operation in Chile from the earth quake is mainly related to the operations in Coronel where EWOS has around 250 employees in its feed factory.
1, 2009 (TAP) - After the earth quake that hit the Indonesian island of Sumatra and caused human losses and material damage, President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali sent a condolence message to Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
9bn) in loans over the next five years to Sichuan Province for reconstruction in areas hit by the May 12 earth quake.