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Synonyms for earthbound

Synonyms for earthbound

confined to the earth

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lacking wit or imagination

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What is fascinating about Earth Bound, is that fecundity and sterility are conflated.
Inspired in part by the work of famed medium James Van Praagh and of Mary Ann Winkowski, a real-life communicator with earth bound spirits, Ghost Whisperer explores the spiritual side of life and death every Thursday at 8pm on Showseries starting tomorrow.
International attention has been focused on these experiments because the shielding of earth bound objects from the effects of gravity may radically alter the economics of space travel and transportation in general.
While browsing at a swap shop flea market in Fort Lauderdale, Carol felt the arrival of Danny, an earth bound spirit who was avoiding his final steps to the light.
GreenFair partners include Sustainable Silicon Valley, Sierra Club, 90 Degrees, 511 Regional Rideshare, Green Home Center, Frontier Ford, Hazardous Waste Recycling & Disposal, Stevens Creek Toyota, The Modern Pet, The Home Depot, The Green Energy Experts, Critchfield Construction, Watershed Watch, Green E-Motor, Trader Joe's, Harvest Home Stores, FireClay Tile, Earth Bound Homes, Sun Power, VTA and Silicon Valley Power.
Fake queen fake god fake participation, The muscles and the egos absorb the adulation, A new polytheism for the pompous reincarnation, Evolution of another earth bound congregation.
At night, Dom pilots his own earth bound rocket, pocketing as much as $10,000 a ride when somebody has the nerve to race to him.