growth stock

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stock of a corporation that has had faster than average gains in earnings and is expected to continue to

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Even in the unlikely event of increased earnings multiples, it is likely to be the case that any such recovery will be out-balanced or negated by tax increases.
Comparing the thrifts and banks with the mortgage banks and mortgage REITs reveals that, in general, both thrifts and banks trade at earnings multiples that exceed mortgage banks and mortgage REITs.
But, mortgage companies such as Countrywide traditionally receive eight to 15 times forward earnings multiples.
In particular, private equity firms have capitalized on this opportune time to invest in hotels, adopting a combined income and capital growth strategy and public REITs continue to be active investors due to their strong earnings multiples.
Goldrick went on to say that, "financial stocks, especially those which have been trading at very low price earnings multiples may benefit from the reality check currently being experienced by investors in the high-tech sector.
Matthews agrees that earnings multiples are important in valuation, but of more significance is the company's projected growth.