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a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period

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Reorganizing the earnings statement to more closely reflect the "value chain" of the business--product (or service) development, production, sales, service and underlying administrative support--rather than the manufacturing model, which is almost universally utilized (except for financial services firms).
Civilian employees of Air Force Reserve Command were required to use myPay to access their leave and earnings statements beginning March 31.
Only seven of the Fortune 100 meet transparency and clarity in earnings statement practices, according to the results of a recent survey conducted by Hyperion as part of its "Quarterly Report on Quarterly Earnings.
The tech-laden Nasdaq also slid, off a hefty 4%, after disappointing earnings statements from US giants AT&T and Lucent.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average gave up rare gains to close 82 points adrift, while the Nasdaq slid four per cent after AT&T and Lucent issued poor earnings statements.
We have said that at our earnings statements and at our results for the last year or so and we're actively looking at opportunities around the world.
The report, and dozens like it streaming out this earnings season, illustrates how complex corporate earnings statements are and how companies like to put the best spin on the results.
By matching the analyst's quarterly estimate against a company's quarterly earnings statements, you can gauge whether a business and its profits per share are meeting, exceeding, or underperforming expectations.
On Internet provider subsidiaries, the draft plan conditionally approves their establishment, but calls for promoting transparency and disclosure such as introducing third-party auditing and reporting consolidated earnings statements.
Earnings statements for the retailers are in preparation.
The Company will publish interim revised earnings statements for those fiscal periods as soon as the adjustments now under discussion have been finalized.
The earnings statements and 10-Q statement was posted on the Company's investor webpage on March 27, 2014.
April 16 - you've just pulled together your earnings statements and your income taxes are due in one short hour.
LiveWorld has resumed auditing its financials and expects to release complete earnings statements in March, 2007, consistent with the latest SEC timing rules for companies of its size.