earned run average

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(baseball) a measure of a pitcher's effectiveness

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It meant the Angels' rally from a 4-0 deficit was not in vain, and it preserved Donnelly's perfect earned-run average, now at 22 1/3 innings and counting.
Cormier, entering with the California League's second lowest earned-run average (1.
In baseball, since 1971, six times has the World Series matched the team scoring the most runs in one league against the team with the lowest earned-run average in the other.
80 earned-run average for the Detroit Tigers' Gulf Coast League rookie team in Lakeland, Fla.
62 earned-run average in 2001 in the Single-A South Atlantic League and has dominated (11-1, 1.
58 earned-run average over a two-year Cardinal career since transferring from Brigham Young, allowed 10 runs (six earned) on 14 hits spanning 15 innings in games at Dedeaux Field (March 23) and Sunken Diamond (April 12).
51 earned-run average as a pitcher, made a major impact as a hard-hitting third baseman.
97 earned-run average both are National League bests.
31 earned-run average, five complete games and 78 strikeouts in 64 innings.
But the big baseball news has increasingly little to do with earned-run averages or pennant races, but with public financing of new stadiums.