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a doctorate awarded for original contributions to knowledge

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Gender issues still remain for some workers, especially in STEM fields (Xie and Shauman 2003), and when examining trends in earned doctorates in science disciplines over a 12-year period, Kulis, Sicotte, and Collins (2002) found that even after controlling for differences across fields, women had poor odds of finding faculty positions in physics and astronomy, earth sciences, and agricultural sciences.
With respect to university professors, it is important to note that the category of "university professor" used in in the 1991 standard occupational classification does not distinguish among those working full- or part-time, nor whether professors are tenure-track or contract or whether they have an earned doctorate.
There is also not a one-to-one correlation between advertisements and doctorates produced because the advertisements are from the 2001-2002 academic year and the last year from which we have earned doctorate information is 2000.
For academic scholar candidates: An earned doctorate degree and an established reputation as a leader in the field of journalism or mass communications or related discipline, an established record of high quality research, a continuing research agenda, and an interest in faculty development.
A decision to appoint Tian, 38, who earned doctorate from Texas Tech University, would be a vote of confidence in private industry by China's communist Government.
Although Cardenas' parents received little education, they made sure their children went to school, he said, adding that his siblings have earned doctorate and bachelor's degrees.
In other words, we computed comparable regressions using the same independent variables, but altered the dependent variable to represent broa d academic field of earned doctorate.
The "prospectus and profile" for the position said the ideal candidate does not have to have an earned doctorate but must have sufficient background "to warrant the respect and confidence of the academic community" and provide a basis for judging their ability.
Preference will be given to a priest of the Anglican Church of Canada with pastoral experience and an earned doctorate in a discipline relevant to the practice of ministry.
Today, HBCUs enroll 17% of all black college students, yet graduate 33% of all black students who receive bachelor's degrees; and 43% of black students who've earned doctorate degrees did their undergraduate work at HBCUs.
Solutions Fully Integrate the Survey of Earned Doctorate Data
Mangudya has completed B Sc and M Sc in Economics from University of Zimbabwe and has earned doctorate (PHD) in Business Administration from Washington International University.
AP) -- The State Board of Education is sticking by its requirement for the next chancellor of Alabama's two-year college system to have an earned doctorate from an accredited college or university.
Kaslow earned doctorate and master's degrees in behavioral sciences from Columbia University, a B.
Bell earned doctorate and master's degrees from Yale University, and is currently working on his new book, The Personality of the Achiever: Developing the Six Core Competencies of Effective Leaders.