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a poll of voters as they leave the voting place

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Mehtab Ahmed said that over the last 3 decade, Pakistan has been a patient host to millions of Afghan refugees on its soil and urged the need for the UNHCR and the international community for playing its role in creating conducive conditions for the early return of Afghan refugees.
He also contacted Shahabuddin Khan, Member National Assembly from Bajaur, and instructed him to ensure safe and early return of the girls to their homes.
Paul McGowan was sick with a bug and Gary Harkins suspended while keeper Letheren was forced to make an early return from injury after Scott Bain finally succumbed to the shoulder injury that has been troubling him for five weeks.
When the CPO Early Return to Sea initiative was implemented, we were focused very hard on improving the "Supervisor" (E7-E9) manning at sea.
Fawad Chaudhry, a senior APML leader said that Musharraf would make an announcement regarding the plans of his early return during a Press conference in Dubai on December 31st.
He added his 151st Premiership goal in the second minute of injury time to increase the odds of the Canaries making an early return to football's second tier
SUNDERLAND have terminated the contract of midfielder JOHN OSTER following his early return from a loan spell at Leeds.
Early return to profit with profit before tax of Au0.
Consider an Early Return to Work (ERTW) Program, where employees are assigned a transitional job to accommodate their medical condition until they can return to their usual duties.
He was expected to be out for another week with a hamstring injury but is hoping to make a surprise early return.
The benefits of early return to work may seem obvious.
In response, a number of private sector employers have initiated a new personnel policy which provides such encouragement; it is called Early Return to Work policy.
Reaffirming its long-term commitment to independent ownership in the metropolitan New York area, and making an early return of equity to its limited partnership investors, W&M Properties has secured $16 million in permanent financing for its retail condominium in Zeckendorf Towers at 10 Union square East.
The science run opportunity achieves results for our users and early return on investment by stabilizing the hardware, perfecting CHAOS and Lustre and optimizing scheduling and operation of the cluster.
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