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the early stage of growth or development

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Piaget's theory regarding development and learning in young children has played a foundational role in early childhood education and curriculum for many years.
Long-term effects of early childhood education are well documented.
Chapter 1 focuses on Korea and the current trends that affect early childhood education and child-care.
business lines include the KinderCare[R] Learning Centers, Knowledge Beginnings[R], The Grove School[R], Cambridge Schools[TM] and CCLC[R] brands, which all offer early childhood education and care through approximately 1,700 community-based centers and employer partnerships; and the Champions[R] brand, which provides more than 400 before-and after-school academic enrichment programs and summer camps to primary and middle schools nationally.
Organized by the First Five Years Fund and its philanthropic partners, Invest in US catalyzes the overwhelming cross-sector support for early childhood education.
The first chapter, on historical perspective, is the longest and most comprehensive, providing a unique and in-depth discussion of how personal experiences shaped the beliefs of the most influential contributors to the field of early childhood education.
Measure K sets aside $80 million for technology upgrades and new facilities related to early childhood education.
As politicians and administrators continue to publicly debate why America's education system is crumbling and who is responsible, a national teacher survey commissioned by Knowledge Universe shows that early childhood education should be a priority.
10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Age of Learning is attending the White House Summit on Early Education to support the launch of Invest in US, a national campaign to ensure that all children and communities have access to high-quality early childhood education.
A lawmaker has filed a bill seeking to institutionalize a comprehensive professional development program for elementary school heads in early childhood education and development.
of London, UK) compiles nine essays that examine the relationship between early childhood education and compulsory education.
The British Association for Early Childhood Education (Early Education) is an organization for early years practitioners and parents, with members and branches in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
The Institute employees 150 (full-time equivalent) staff whose backgrounds include: child & youth work, early childhood education, social work, counselling psychology, diploma in child study, and speech & language pathology.
Board member Marlene Canter, who along with Tokofsky is pressing for the district to expand early childhood education, said the best prevention for academic failure is good preschool programs.
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