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soft decayed area in a tooth

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Dental care is not part of the provincial health care service funded by the Medical Services Plan, thus treatment of early childhood caries is a heavy burden for families.
Results: Results have established association of Vitamin D levels in children with early childhood caries.
4) Of further concern, the Canadian Institute for Health Information has reported that treatment of early childhood caries is the most common reason for pediatric day surgery in Canada.
In summary, evidence supports the association between parental knowledge, behavior, self-efficacy, and early childhood caries.
This is due to the pattern of early childhood caries while, mobility is the second most important cause of extraction of primary incisors due to dental development chronology in this age group which account for 29.
The effectiveness of fluoride varnish is enhanced by regular discussions of oral health and counseling about risk factors for early childhood caries, such as frequent snacking and continual bottle or sippy cup use with fluid other than water.
It has new chapters on the medical management of early childhood caries, children with special needs, interprofessional education and practice, and how new policy issues and the Affordable Care Act affect dental care.
Quinonez pointed out that children who were premature or who were born with low birth weights tend to have a higher prevalence of enamel defects and therefore are at greater risk of developing early childhood caries.
The Program is designed to provide training, technical assistance, education and support to California tribal and urban dental professionals and to programs like Tribal Head Start/Early Head Start/Childcare centers to promote community and clinic based initiatives that will help reduce the prevalence of oral disease and Early Childhood Caries (ECC) among native populations in California.
The primary focus is preventing tooth decay or early childhood caries in young children, as well as eliminating health disparities among low-income individuals and communities, through sound research, evidence-based practices and policy changes.
Objective: To find the frequency/pattern of Early Childhood caries (ECC) and to find out the relationship of different risk factors with ECC.
Future caries susceptibility in children with early childhood caries following treatment under general anesthesia.
Assessment, management, and prevention of early childhood caries.
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