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Webb (1846-1916), "a Victorian from America's Mid-Atlantic cultural zone" [24] whose "life was steeped in Americana," [10] spent the bulk of his early adulthood in Missouri journalism.
I hope our three kids, Sam and Katherine and William, can keep running the laps of adolescence and early adulthood without scuffing their knees on too many hurdles.
The Cleveland-born architect lived, studied and worked in Toledo throughout his youth and early adulthood.
HIV infection is taking a heavier toll on the nation's black population than on any other racial or ethnic group, and the disparity seems to appear in early adulthood, according to a June AJPH study.
Conversely, most Black girls accept their bodies in their early teens and early adulthood.
As the EAP market creeps into mid-to-late adolescence, there are some small signs of the approach of early adulthood.
Born in the Thirties, my teens in the Fifties, early adulthood in the Sixties and much of the Seventies, my own and most other families only locked their homes at night or if they went out for a long period of time.
But he amasses more than enough evidence from a careful sorting of the Lincoln sources to show (a) that the Lincoln bloodlines showed a predisposition to mental grief, (b) that Lincoln's youth and early adulthood were scarred by family deaths and personal traumas, and (c) that in his mid-to-late 20s, Lincoln reacted so badly to political and personal defeats that numerous friends and eyewitnesses were afraid to leave him alone.
Men diagnosed with schizophrenia are usually hospitalized in adolescence or early adulthood.
Factors that are associated with teenagers' postponing sexual initiation are not, for the most part, protective against STDs in early adulthood, according to an analysis of data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.
Smoking and coffee consumption generally begin in early adulthood.
This biography of Einstein begins with an engaging account of his childhood and early adulthood, and then focuses on the "annus mirabilis" or "miracle year" of 1905, when Einstein created his most important work, "The Theory of Relativity.
The report says: 'The results of this study indicate that increased time spent watching television during childhood and adolescence was associated with a lower level of educational attainment by early adulthood.
Blood levels peak in early adulthood, around age 20, and then decline greatly during the human lifespan, falling by about 80% in the elderly.
Darger's life story, which follows a classic Depression-era narrative from a lonely, underprivileged childhood spent in orphanages, boys' homes, and a hospital for the "feeble-minded" through a wanderlust-filled early adulthood to his now-familiar late life as a grizzled, unassuming janitor and clandestine artist, is delineated in bits and pieces throughout the film via a handful of photographs, stock footage, and interview snippets with acquaintances.