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a style of architecture used in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria

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The property holds Grade II listed status due to the fabulous architecture employed under construction in the early Victorian period best known for elegant villas constructed under Georgian influence, with well-proportioned windows, decorative iron balconies and ornate stucco details including panelled pilasters, ornate pillared canopies, decorative header stones and window casings.
Was it used in early Victorian magic shows, or is it another of Brown's eerie games?
Slavery was abolished in this country in the 18th century, although it carried on until early Victorian times.
In early Victorian England Livingstone was a national hero but when he wrote this diary he had been forgotten by the public and was stranded without supplies in Central Africa - a blank space on contemporary maps.
As part of their millennium celebrations St Alphege's Church, Whitstable is seeking artists to create a decorative, glass 'inner' entrance door for their early Victorian church building.
And what, most of all, would authors of the early Victorian era have found to write about if they hadn't had the plot advantages offered by the deprivation of the times?
The city-centre studios are said to be on the site of an early Victorian cemetery containing 22,000 graves, although some historians dispute this.
Its origins lie in the early Victorian period when middle-class men began working regular hours in an office--prior to that people would often work for a few hours and then eat a meal at about 10am.
The story "is now credited with establishing the Victorian genre of the Christmas story, and spurring a revival of the celebration of Christmas in early Victorian England.
The first chapter sketches some historical sources and precursors for the early Victorian perspective on mathematics, chapters two through four discuss the work and outlook of three pivotal mathematicians (Benjamin Peirce, United States; George Boole, Ireland; and Augustus De Morgan, England), and the final chapter argues that the trend toward professionalization redirected the British outlook on mathematics during the last half of the century.
We discover the balance between pragmatism and sensibility that guided her decisions and the extent to which sexuality was openly dealt with in the early Victorian British world: Chisholm wrote to police magistrates requesting information about the 'virtue' of the girls she had sent to their areas--and they replied.
Early Victorian Illustrated Books: Britain, France and Germany, 1820-1860.
The "form" boat of these early Victorian races has been Michael Hiatt's Cookson 50 Living Doll which took line and first place in IRC in the opening race of the Range Series, took line and third place in the Portarlington Race, and then placed fist overall in the Melbourne to Stanley Race, with Peter Blake and Kate Mitchell's Farr 52 Goldfinger first to finish and second on IRC.
THE term "vintage fashion" covers a wide variety of period items - usually from the early Victorian era to the early 1970s.
In the early Victorian period this meant that intervention by government was seen in pathological terms as restoring the urban body to its natural state of health.
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