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Synonyms for head start

Synonyms for head start

a factor conducive to superiority and success

Synonyms for head start

the advantage gained by beginning early (as in a race)


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Meet Early Head Start requirements by participating in all parenting training and parent/child activities; and
Early Head Start has been operating nationally since 1995, but not until now has Lane County found enough money to participate.
Findings from the 17 experimental Early Head Start sites have yielded optimistic results regarding the efficacy of the program (U.
The current paper examines father participation in the Early Head Start program.
Increasing funding for and strengthening both Head Start and Early Head Start are critical pieces of any real plan to close the achievement gap, a plan that must also include investments and reforms in other efforts to strengthen schools, families, and communities.
Response rates were equivalent between Head Start and Early Head Start staff.
The Miami Safe Start Initiative is about relationship-building, collaborating with community providers, and helping these most vulnerable of toddlers and their families build positive relation ships and attain, school readiness skills at their Early Head Start program which will no doubt help sustain them in the future," Katz said.
Early Head Start is undergoing a comprehensive evaluation in a 3-year, national, randomized trial involving 17 of the participating centers and roughly 3,000 young children and their families, noted Dr.
Researchers compared the learning curves of 1,500 2-year-olds who participated in early Head Start with 1,500 2-year-olds in a control group.
Early Head Start provides high-quality child and family development services to pregnant women and to infants and toddlers from birth to age three.
Uraga said that since then Early Head Start had "transformed" her relationship with Brenda and her other children.
This is particularly true for groups like the Early Head Start population, as it has been found that the greatest unmet oral treatment needs are seen in children from low-income families.
This interactive website offers a robust collection of resources intended to support organizations in gaining a deeper understanding of the Head Start and Early Head Start programs, the funding opportunity announcement, and the evaluation criteria for health and safety, fiscal integrity, and measures of Head Start classroom quality.
The funds will support the institutions Head Start and Early Head Start programs, which serve children from birth through age five as well as expecting mothers in the surrounding community.
com)-- Child Care Associates (CCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Patricia Looper and Kumisha Saffold as new Co-Directors for its Head Start and Early Head Start programs, serving more than 2,500 children throughout Tarrant County.
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