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Synonyms for head start

Synonyms for head start

a factor conducive to superiority and success

Synonyms for head start

the advantage gained by beginning early (as in a race)


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In rural Oxford County, Maine, the issue of dental access is a problem for many of the Early Head Start Program enrollees.
In closing, I'm grateful to Jay Fagan, for his support, judicious advice, and scientific integrity in the review process, to the reviewers for their thoughtful and comprehensive reviews, to the authors for their commitment to the quality of the journal, to the EHS Fatherhood Working Group for comments and support, to my own family for their patience and understanding when my attention was so divided, and to all the fathers and families participating in the Early Head Start Evaluation who made this work possible.
The Early Head Start program's mission is to enhance the development of very young children and to promote healthy families.
Keywords: fathers, father involvement, Early Head Start, father support services
Earlier this year, STG International won eight Head Start State-based TTA contracts to support Head Start and Early Head Start across states in Region IV and IX and New York, Illinois and Louisiana.
Study after study shows that the better we prepare our young children, through programs like Head Start and Early Head Start, the better they perform in school later in life, said Senator Schumer.
The program turns away 97 percent of toddlers and 2-year- olds eligible for Early Head Start.
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today announced that Head Start and Early Head Start programs will receive funding and be eligible to apply for grants worth $2.
The Delaware Tribe of Indians will be using the $800,000 of ICDBG funds to l construct an Early Head Start Integration Center facility.
Although Early Head Start (EHS) is a federal-to-local program, there are opportunities for collaboration at the state level that have expanded in recent years.
Reviewed by Sandra Huff, Training Coordinator, Eastern Washington University, Early Head Start, Spokane, WA
ICF to Support Federal Head Start, Early Head Start, and Child Care Research Agency
Senator Jon Tester today announced that the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes will receive more than $1 million to fund their Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships through the next year.
Department of Education; (8) The President's FY 11 Budget Requests For Native Education; (9) NIEA Appropriations Priorities for 2011; (10) Bureau of Indian Education Schools; (11) Bureau of Indian Education Race to the Top; (12) The Johnson O'Malley Program; (13) Funding Indian Education Through Impact Aid; (14) Insufficient Funding for the Construction and Repair of Bureau of Indian Affairs Schools; (15) Tribal Education Departments; and (16) Funding American Indian--Alaska Native Head Start and Early Head Start Programs.
Head Start and Early Head Start are comprehensive child development programs that serve children from birth to age 5, pregnant women, and their families.
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