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Terrigenous clastic sedimentary rocks, in places with volcanic rocks, appear to have accumulated in fault-bound basins from middle Devonian to early Carboniferous.
1) consist of Avalonian Neoproterozoic rocks, Silurian to Lower Devonian sedimentary rocks, and widespread latest Devonian to early Carboniferous plutons and their volcanic equivalents.
The Lochaber-Mulgrave area of northern mainland Nova Scotia is underlain by rocks of the Late Devonian- Early Carboniferous Horton Group, in faulted contact with older Devonian and Silurian rocks to the south and west, and younger Carboniferous rocks to the north and east.
According to Wagner (1984), Lepidodendropsis occurred most commonly in the Early Carboniferous, between the Tournaisian and Early Visean, but may have originated during the late Famennian (Devonian).
The focus is on the 14 Early Carboniferous age Milligans Fan oil play leads, the Nova deep gas prospect, the Super Nova deep gas lead as well as the potential shallower Turtle Barnett oil development.
During the early Carboniferous, there wasn't anything large to eat on land.
Tangiers has identified an exciting new deeper gas play concept within the Early Paleozoic interval, outstanding oil plays in the Early Carboniferous Milligans Fans, and the Carboniferous to Permian undeveloped Turtle and Barnett oil fields with the Messner and East Barnett oil leads in the same interval.
Force and Barr (2006) proposed that the "headwall" source of conglomerate in the Early Carboniferous transtensional basin is behind structures that are themselves splays of the Minas Fault Zone so the required assembly can be restored by placing southeastern Cape Breton Island on that headwall.
Chronology of Devonian to early Carboniferous rifting and igneous activity in southern Magdalen Basin based on U-Pb (zircon) dating.
1999; Keppie and Krogh 1999) appears inconsistent with U-Pb chronology of Devonian to early Carboniferous volcanic rocks within the southern Magdalen Basin (Dunning et al.
Sandberg (1983, 1985) found that the composition of nonskeletal carbonate precipitates (early marine cements and ooliths) has undergone oscillations during Phanerozoic time: there have been three intervals of aragonite seas (Early Cambrian, Late Carboniferous-Early Jurassic, Oligocene-Recent), and two intervals of calcite seas (Middle Cambrian Early Carboniferous, Middle JurassicEocene) (Stanley 2006).
Ostracodes and agglutinated foraminifera as indicators of paleoenvironmental change in an early Carboniferous brackish bay, Atlantic Canada.
For example, as the 18th to 19th century New Town of the City of Edinburgh (now a World Heritage Site) developed, mainly Early Carboniferous sandstones were utilized (Hyslop & McMillan 2004) (Fig.
The conglomerate-dominated sequences are of Early Carboniferous age, mostly belonging to the Horton Group but locally passing up into the Windsor Group (Giles et al.
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