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the decade from 1990 to 1999

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The auction, Boston's first residential real estate auction since the early 90's, sold $24,130,000 dollars worth of inventory in less than two hours.
During the late 80's and early 90's values fell and some buyers who paid 12 times rents, even in Manhattan, lost buildings.
During the late 80's and early 90's values fell; and some buyers who paid 12 times rents, even in Manhattan, lost buildings.
In the early 90's, he was recruited to Hong Kong to lead a team in private banking and trust management.
She" pointed out also that while the tremendous overbuilding of the 70s and 80s precipitated the real estate recession of the early 90's, today's low yacancy rates augur well for the present market.
We will witness a fundamental change in the communications landscape over the next five years just as we saw in the early 90's with email becoming the communication standard medium for business.
decided to leave Wall Street in the early 90's since commercial real estate was becoming more hospitable to women.
We're not going to see a price crash like we did in the early 90's," said ForeclosureS.
In the early 90's, Downtown was in bad shape - the overbuilding of the 1980's led to a depression that left millions of SF of office space both empty and, more importantly, obsolete and unprepared for the Information Age.
Normally one would expect this to have happened; after Hurricane Andrew in the early 90's, for instance, valuations expanded dramatically.
In the early 90's, we saw the relocations of large management related concerns and the next sectors.
PrO pioneered the concept of contingent workforce management in the early 90's, and now works with some of America's largest and most prestigious companies.
While the current state of the commercial real estate market is indeed very challenging, a look at the market cycles of the past reveals that it is nowhere near the worst of "the bad old days" of the late 80's and early 90's.
Our senior investment team has been together since the early 90's.