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the dignity or rank or position of an earl or countess

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the domain controlled by an earl or count or countess

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com offers titles for sale, including dukedoms, earldoms, baronies and knighthoods for between PS25 and PS50.
That would, of course, mean they had won it and, with a General Election fast approaching, would bring instant knighthoods with Earldoms for goalscorers as they were photographed swilling FIFA-approved Budweiser at No.
Geographically, since "British" also applies to all parts of the British Isles, all nations (Wales, Scotland, and Ireland) are included before their incorporation into the United Kingdom which is further extended to Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, Irish, and Scottish kingdoms and other political entities such as the Lords of the Isles and the Earldoms of Orkney.
Articles are arranged in sections covering geographical areas of Scandinavian influence and cover such topics as tax and tribute in the joint earldoms of Orkney and Caithness; tribute payments and military levies in the Norse West; difficulties of introducing royal taxes in Iceland; tithe and tribute in thirteenth century Iceland; loosely integrated territories and the emergence of the medieval state; and Norwegian, Swedish and Russian "tax lands.
Native Lordship in Medieval Scotland: The Earldoms of Strathearn and Lennox, c.
One by one, duchies, earldoms, and other feudal authorities signed treaties placing them under royal sovereignty and integrating them into the monarchy's revenue generating institutions.
And the last two new Knights of the Garter were English: Southampton and Pembroke, as James simultaneously saluted Essex, Sidney, and the new possessors of two longstanding English earldoms.