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1265: The first modern English Parliament met at Westminster Hall: it was summoned by the rebel Earl of Leicester, French nobleman Simon de Montfort, while he was briefly ruler of England, and would be dissolved by Henry III later that year when he regained power.
They were written by the personal agent and advisor at court of Robert Sidney, Viscount Lisle and first Earl of Leicester.
The cousins are not only at loggerheads over who should wear the crown but also over the affections of the Earl of Leicester who, much to Elizabeth's chagrin, is in love with Mary.
She never got to know what it was to be loved, so she nurtured the myth of the Virgin Queen -- even as she carried on with Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, whom she got beheaded for treason in 1601 -- to fend off her many royal suitors, including the comically vain Duke of Anjou, who was 21 years her junior.
David McVicar directs the first-ever Met production of Donizetti's opera, the second part of the composer's famous "Tudor trilogy" with South African soprano Elza van den Heever as Elizabeth I, Mary's formidable rival, and Matthew Polenzani as the Earl of Leicester
May 25-27 Meet Queen Elizabeth as she visits the home of her great admirer Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.
8PM sMd ELIZABETH Film4 9pm Joseph Fiennes follows Will Shakespeare with the Earl Of Leicester, courting 16th-century intrigue after virgin queen Cate Blanchett ascends to a throne of blood.
Sally-Beth MacLean examines the career as patron of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, and the fortunes and missteps of his career in this and other roles.
HOLKHAM HALL: Impressive 18th Century Palladian mansion near Wells-next-the-Sea with a host of treasures collected by Thomas Coke, the Earl of Leicester.
She further asserted this commitment to the one man in all her realm that might make her withdraw her pledge: Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.
Her not-so-furtive relationship with Robert Dudley, the earl of Leicester (Jeremy Irons) - the production declines to wade into the controversy over whether or not she really was a virgin queen - prevents her from wanting to enter into a loveless marriage.
They want to capitalise on tales of heroism by the Princes of Gwynedd and the legacy of landowners such as Robert Wynn and Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester aswell as stories about the fate of victims of English King Edward I's land clearances to build his castles.
Her co-star in Elizabeth I, Jeremy Irons, got a gong, for his portrayal of the Earl of Leicester.
Steffan Rhodri makes the Earl of Leicester a key player as he cynically uses both women for his own ends.
The book's theme is the duel between the Earl of Leicester and Lord Burghley for the Queen's esteem.