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United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)


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quoting Governor Earl Warren, Speech at Merced, Cal.
Board of Education, and explained by Chief Justice Earl Warren in 1961, taking into account the Jefferson vision of full liberty and strict separation of church and state (p.
And as Hoffer's baseline for racially enlightened behavior was an idealized vision of "a world of fluid racial identities where belonging or not belonging was a choice of the individual," practically every figure he encounters--Plessy's lawyers, Harlan, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Justice Clarence Thomas--is chastised for relying upon "race as a category" (183, 181).
Chief Justice Earl Warren - June 12, 1967 (edited by Stephanie Mott - April 2, 2013).
Charles Wollenberg's "'Dear Earl': The Fair Play Committee, Earl Warren, and Japanese Internment" extricates from obscurity the story of the founding and operation of a dedicated group of distinguished and influential persons who opposed the brutal isolation of innocent people of Japanese descent during World War Two.
So wrote Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 1967 ruling in Loving vs.
He starred in 1988 film The Big Easy then had the role of Chief Judge Earl Warren in the 1991 movie JFK as the judge in charge of the only federal case examining the death of President Kennedy.
In spite of all their differences, Earl Warren was able to use his political acumen to get Frankfurter, a man who championed judicial restraint (often to the detriment of causes he believed in), Black, a former Klan member, and the other justices to attain greatness for the Court through its unanimous decision in Brown v.
Earl Warren includes callout sections with pieces from his memoirs, interviews, and other primary texts.
Sonia Sotomayor" is the fourth in a series of biographies on Supreme Court Justices; the first three are Earl Warren, John marshall, and Thurgood Marshall.
In fact, 40 of the 111 justices who have served had no prior judicial experience, and they include such notables as John Marshall, Earl Warren, William Rehn quist and Louis Brandeis.
What was the purpose of the US federal commission headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren in 1963?
He also is the author of "Justice for All: Earl Warren and the Nation He Made.
He said he had a full briefing by Earl Warren, the chief justice on the commission that investigated the November 22 1963 Dallas shooting, which was attributed to Lee Harvey Oswald.
In addition to Martin Luther King and other heroes many children know, Adler tells the stories of figures less familiar to most children--Fannie Lou Hamer, Fred Shuttlesworth, and Earl Warren.