Earl Warren

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United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)


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I took the liberty of substituting a few words in the statement made by Chief Justice Earl Warren in 1967 when the SCOTUS knocked down laws banning inter-racial marriage.
In later years, Earl Warren regretted his actions; Brigham Young had no reason to do so.
35) Gray, Chief Justice, 157-58; Katcher, Earl Warren, 48; Bernard Schwartz, Super Chief: Earl Warren and His Court (New York: New York University Press, 1983), 123-30.
Nixon who was put on the court in part to roll back the progressive views of the Earl Warren court, penned a bitter dissent to a school prayer case in which he attacked Everson's reasoning.
But is there any hope that Chief Justice Roberts-could change his views as Chief Justice Earl Warren did when he ruled in Brown v.
Wright includes extended biographies of those who thundered, including John Cotton, Anne Hutchinson, Roger Williams and Peter Stuyvesant, William Penn, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joseph Smith, Isaac Mayer Wise, Earl Warren and Jerry Falwell, as well as a collection of brief biographies of those who perhaps thundered a bit less and a list of key Supreme Court cases.
The "Warren Court," for example, under Chief Justice Earl Warren (1953-69), is remembered as a court that helped nudge the country in a more liberal direction.
In the tradition of John Marshall, Hugo Black, and Earl Warren, Clinton could steer disparate justices toward a common goal.
today and Sunday at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Highway 101 and Las Positas Road in Santa Barbara.
According to Chief Justice Earl Warren, how did segregation affect minority children?
Chief Justice Fred Vinson's unexpected death in September 1953 resulted in President Eisenhower's appointment of Earl Warren to the post.
I remember Earl Warren and William Brennan and Stevens and Blackmun and Souter were all considered fairly good justices of the Supreme Court--all nominated by Republican Presidents.
That Brennan did as much as Earl Warren to accomplish the work of the Warren Court is now widely recognized(2) and a permanent tribute to Brennan's fierce intelligence and great personal charm.