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an officer of the English peerage who organizes royal processions and other ceremonies

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William Buick, surely a future champion in the making, who excelled in the maiden on Starry Messenger, beating Seb Sanders on Earl Marshal by a short head
20) Also, the king's reference to the Marshal's "forwardnesse to entertaine Embassadors" (16) again sounds much like Elizabeth's Earl Marshal, who had taken on this official function in 1588.
Similarities between trials suffered by the historical Earl Marshal between September 1599 and February 1601, and the tribulations of Royall King's Marshal and Chester's and Clinton's cynical actions, connect to overlay events occurring in Heywood's fictional England with an ominous reality.
The Duke of Norfolk, as earl marshal, drew up a set of guidelines in 1568 for policing the College and the use of its records, and Queen Elizabeth is thought to have expected reform through the commission in which the earl marshalcy was placed on the death of the sixth earl of Shrewsbury in 1590.
Since the beheading of the last constable, the Duke of Buckingham, in 1521, the earl marshal has supplied his office, Thynne observed, and he reasoned on statutory authority (37 Henry VI) that the marshal's court was one with that of the constable, the two constituting a law unto themselves (156-57).
Of the 92, the Earl Marshal and the Lord Great Chamberlain will not face election.
The final planning of the funeral is left to the Earl Marshal and the Lord Chamberlain but everything will be discussed with the Queen before the arrangements are implemented.
7The Earl Marshal is responsible for organising the Coro-nation; since 1386 the position has been undertaken by the Duke of Norfolk.
He notes that the baton dates back to ancient times and that in England it has been associated with the office of the Earl Marshal since the fourteenth century.
It would apply to the 90 elected hereditaries and the two remaining hereditary seats in the Lords, those of the Earl Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk and the Lord Great Chamberlain, the Marquess of Cholmondley.
He was Earl Marshal of England and Lord President of the Privy Council and he built most of the domestic range of the castle.
Her task was made easier by the antics of the awkward-looking 4-5 favourite, Earl Marshal, who reared at the stalls and then didn't look keen, while Oscar Urbina had his mount travelling easily on the bridle when hitting the front over two furlongs out before holding on by half a length from the market leader.
The Lord Great Chamberlain and Earl Marshal are included but do not have to face the ballot.
Fifteen places will be reserved for deputy speakers and committee chairmen and women and a further two for the Earl Marshal and the Lord Great Chamberlain.
Ryan Moore rode the unraced youngster Earl Marshal (colt, Kingmambo - Fairy Godmother), who went well in his pairing and is owned by the Queen.