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jewelry to ornament the ear

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Below left, a George V silver christening spoon, jewelled stick pins and the princess wearing diamond earings pictured with King Edward
HE is being hailed as the David Beckham of the athletic's world - and it's not just because of his diamond earings and army of female fans.
Worst/Best present: We do not normally buy each other presents but the best one I got from Marianne was a pair of earings from New York.
Second quarter First six months -- Operating profit sek 507 m (538) sek 975 m (930) -- Profit before tax sek 431 m (481) sek 831 m (812) -- Profit for the period sek 305 m (351) sek 586 m (592) -- Earings per share sek 3:35 (3:85) sek 6:40 (6:50)
Then there are EastEnders' Pat Butcher-style earings huge pearl drops as big as a fist and that's just the men.
My source adds: "We raided Tiffany's jewellery store and got Martine some silver earings and picture frames.
In second table, under heading Nine Months Ended March 31, 2000, fourth line should read xxx Net Earings Per Share (fully diluted) $0.
Under existing laws, men and women face different charges for having sex with children - and women can't be charged with indecent exposure or living off immoral earings.
1 million in annual earings being achieved each consecutive year.
Earings and earnings per share increased slightly in the first quarter of 1998 as compared to 1997 and amounted to $4,967,699 and $0.
Chattem expects that the acquired brands will add incremental earings f $.
The Company offers an extensive selection of popular priced 14 and 10 karat gold chains, bracelets, earings, charms and rings, as well as a selection of silver jewelry, all in basic styles at everyday low prices.
Primary and Fully Diluted earings per share increased 11% to $.
Hicks expects an earings growth rate over the next two years of over 40 percent.