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a soft yellow wax secreted by glands in the ear canal


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Similasan Ear Wax Relief ear drops stimulate the body's natural ability to reduce ear wax congestion, relieving the clogged sensation, ringing and itching of the ear canal--all without drying the ear.
Ask your doctor to examine your ear before you attempt to remove any ear wax that may be present.
The results of these screenings showed 40% of Special Olympics athletes have blocked or partially blocked ear canals with ear wax and over 25% failed hearing examinations.
Unfortunately, if I were to judge from the feedback of our patients, the majority still think CTAs can be safely used to wipe off the ear wax in the ear canal.
78%) were of conductive variety which were because of ear wax.
Dogs probably use the smell of ear wax, cerumen, to identify one another.
It offers hearing tests, hearing aids, micro suction ear wax removal and tinnitus treatment for private patients.
The rate of ear wax secretion differs from one individual to another, as it is with sweat secreted by sweat glands.
The underlying causes can include tumors, allergies, ticks or fleas, and excessive grooming and ear wax.
As the mites multiply, the infestation expands to the outer ear flap and the inflammation causes ear wax and white blood cells to ooze onto the skin surface trapping the mites, its faeces and skin cells before drying out.
Cerumen or ear wax is a mixture of the glandular secretions from the lateral third of the ear canal and exfoliated squamous epithelium.
Most ear care products are offered for ear wax removal or painkilling.
In case of Demodex infestation, there was severe inflammation and ear wax accumulation and the skin lesions from the face and neck were also positive for Demodex.
Ear wax is a normal protective coating of the skin in the ear canal that we all produce but the amount varies greatly.